Looking like tiger stripes, only not as fierce, stretch marks are becoming a more common problem in both women and even men today. Chalk it all up to a radical change in lifestyle compared to the generations before us, these marks are becoming more and more prevalent in the population.


Stretch marks can be caused by any number of the following things:
• Pregnancy
• Puberty
• Growth spurt
• Rapid weight loss or weight gain
• Excessive body building (in some cases)
• Hormonal changes
• Disease (i.e. Marfan Syndrome and Cushing’s Syndrome)

As you can see, it has become quite difficult to avoid getting these marks. In the case of pregnancy, growth spurt, weight change and body building the main cause of the marks will probably a too rapid increase change in body size that the skin could not adapt to. The result then is saggy skin with small micro tears on the dermal layer. With puberty, hormonal changes and disease the problem usually lies on the effects that some hormones and steroids have in the behavior of the cells that produce the structural make up of the dermal layer. Sometimes an increase in steroids such as glucocorticoids can compromise the function of fibroblasts, the cells that produce collagen for our skin.


Whatever kind of treatment you plan to undergo to remove your marks, it is best to start with exfoliating your skin. Unless, that is, if your physician advises against it. Exfoliation not only speeds up the renewal of your skin and therefore promoting swift healing of your scars, it also makes your skin more accepting of the nutrients from your other treatments.

One of the best ways to avoid and diminish the appearance of stretch marks is by keeping your skin hydrated either by drinking lots of water or by applying creams and lotions to your skin. Our cells, including the cells on our skin, are made up of 75% water and thrive on it as a consequence. Ingesting the recommended amount of water and using lotions will ensure that your skin not only receives but also retains moisture.

In connection to hydration, topical creams are a great way to retain the moisture on your skin. In effect your skin will be soft, pliable and more importantly—elastic.

Essential oils have long been praised for the list of benefits they have for your skin. Some of these oils are even taken orally, although I cannot guarantee a pleasant taste, for their numerous benefits for the body.
Below are some examples:
• Argan oil
• Rose hip oil
• Frankincense
• Geranium
• Myrrh
• Helichrysum

Sometimes you don’t even need to look too far for your stretch mark treatment. A lot of times, your miracle treatment is just in your kitchen pantry!
• POTATO JUICE: Vitamins in potato juice have been found to help lessen the appearance of marks. To apply: slice wedges of the root crop and rub all over the affected area for 5-10 minutes.
• SUGAR: Sugar is a great natural exfoliant and is super affordable too! To use: Mix with your preferred essential oil and rub on affected area in circular motions for about 5 minutes.
• ALOE VERA: Aloe vera serves to soothe and moisturize your stretch marks. Especially during the times when they are especially itchy.
• COCOA BUTTER: This butter has long been used by ancient civilizations as a sort of cure-all. Now we are reaping the benefits of this cocoa product by using its healing and scar removal properties.

Actually, if we just went on and on about the list of cures for stretch marks this would be a much longer article. There is no shortage of options when it comes to removing and preventing the appearance of stretch marks and the best treatment for you could be a combination of the things mentioned above. So don’t be too frustrated when you have to go through a trial and error process at first. Good luck!