Health insurance premiums are driven by the success or failure of actual health recovery maintenance and the costs required to deliver of service.


Harris L. Coulter, Ph.D., of Washington, DC, and editor of the 8th edition of the HPUS,is an internationally renowned medical historian and author of over 30 books and essays, which include: THE DIVIDED LEGACY, a four volume epochal history of medicine, which covers its origins to present day. 



"Society today is paying a heavy price in disease and death for the monopoly granted the medical profession in the 1920’s. In fact, the situation peculiarly resembles that of the 1830s when physicians relied on bloodletting, mercurial medicines, and quinine, even though knowing them to be intrinsically harmful. And precisely the same arguments were made in defense of these medicines as are employed today, namely, that the benefits outweigh the risks. In truth, the benefits accrue to the physician, while the patient runs the risks."—Harris Coulter, Ph.D.,  (Divided Legacy Vol 3)


There is no question we need reform in the areas of disease elimination improvements in Health, better delivery of health care when it is needed and health insurance parity.  Personally, am all for reform, but let those reforms ring with the clarity of Truth and illuminate our way through the fog obfuscation.


Overall chemo-therapy and radiation are documented to be an absolute failure in the so-called war against cancer. The long-term survival rate of cancer patients using orthodox therapies remains abysmal and the statistical reportage is obfuscated.

Refer to: New England Journal of Medicine, "Progress Against Cancer," May 8, 1986 by John C. Bailar, III and Elaine M. Smith, and a ten-year follow-up "The War on Cancer" which appeared in Lancet, May 18th, 1996, by Michael B. Spoorn. Therein is published in leading medical journals, but they remain as the only therapies and pharmaceutical companies enjoy federal mandate.

Stated simply you cannot poison a sick person well.   


HEALTH CARE REFORM is a meme used to numb the mind and sway political process but has little or nothing to do with health and certainly is neither, reform in the ways the public perceives, nor what they dearly need.


Merely by changing who and how much they profit for health services is only a small fraction of the underlying problem and ultimately it’s you who pay. Current Congressional debates will not offer true reform of our systemic disease CARE, but strengthen insurance profits and control.


The fruit of the health care tree, while certainly abundant, is altogether rotten, because the roots are corrupted by disease. If the Food and Drug Administration which regulates both FOOD and drugs while having far reaching powers that are beyond the Constitution of the United States of America, is powerless to effectuate the genuine change required to modify the so-called health industry.


Nor can the FDA provide the reforms by its far reaching power and control, then how can we expect it to come from mandates from an under educated over lobbied congress?


Give credit where due, the FDA has been effective in causing millions of tones of ground meat and spinach. A little too late perhaps as the FDA has done nothing to stop chemical companies from pouring oceans of deadly toxic, and known carcinogens on our crops.


"Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans" ~ Jacques Cousteau





We must stop poisoning our earth with unnecessary toxic chemicals, which leaches out the elements and minerals building blocks of the cells of our bodies, and support and teach the farmers on bio-dynamic farming.



Why is there no respect for and replication of how the Hunzas and several other tribes on earth, who live to be well over 120, and disease free.  These tribes drink the water which comes off of the slow grinding of the glacer across mountain terrain and gives minute quantities of every element and every mineral.  Their cells have

access to all the natural building blocks of life and therefore remain impervious to invasion and disease.


Health and Old Age Places with High Longevity: Hunza Pakistan the area of Hunza in Pakistan which has a high level of longevity. A Guide to Shangri-La: The Leading Longevity Sites on Earth  http://www.trivia-library.com/a/health-and-old-age-places-with-high-longevity-hunza-pakistan-part-1.htm


For Americans and the world at large where the crop land is awash in chemicals the minerals and elements are leached out of the soil and the roots of our food crops are have no way to chelate them so that we can digest them into our bodies. 


What follows is a well known symptom called pica, and we are constantly looking for something to eat to satisfy the hunger of the cells and this leads to obesity and disease on a national scale.


There are solutions, but the FOOD administration, has done nothing to listen to, study, implament, nor promote the use of Bio-Dynamic Farming, which is proven to produce greater volumes of crops far healthier and do not poison our water aquifers.  http://www.amazon.com/Secrets-Soil-Solutions-Restoring-Planet/dp/1890693243 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biodynamic_agriculture.


USC Title 21 Part 56, INFORMED CONSENT. This activity is evidenced by the too frequent drug commercials and advertisements. To name one example the anti depressant drug, ABILIFY®, is known to cause death and suicide;  http://www.rxlist.com/abilify-drug.htm.


To our detriment and demise, the FDA has a tunnel vision partisan perspective and always reactive, rarely proactive when a patient actually dies from using an FDA approved drug, they routinely avoid any blame and state “there is no conclusive evidence to prove it was because of the drug.” No drug company is ever charged with a crime and no executives, nor doctors, are criminally charged for manufacturing, nor for prescribing the drugs. 


WHY?  Because the drugs are FDA approved so it would mean they are culpable.


However, when a substance derived and used by another Healing Art, i.e. Homeopathy, is found to be highly effective in combating and eliminating a disease such as cancer, or reversing the side effects of AIDS, a stroke, or Cystic Fibrosis, to name a few, the FDA routinely states there is no scientific evidence to support the claims moves swiftly to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.



We must continue to strengthen the education of the public on sound fundamentals of health maintenance.


We must allow for access and coverage to all branches of the Healing Arts.  This is known as the ECLECTIC. The allopathic cartel are not the arbiters of truth, nor have they proven to be honorable stewards, nor have they provided viable solutions where other forms of healing arts have been successful, in some cases thousands of years.




The problem is that over the past 67 years, a Federal Agency, the Food and Drug Administration, created in 1938 as an agency to ensure that Food, Drugs and Cosmetics moving in interstate commerce, were pure, unadulterated, contained what was stated on the label and safe for human consumption.


Over the years the FDA has undergone a metamorphosis and has become a threat to the civil liberties and public health of Americans, as well as added incredibly to the cost of the products it regulates.


The FDA has a long history of using the resources of the agency to conduct Gestapo type raids on medical clinics, terrorizing patients, staff and practitioners, seizing quantities of vitamins, manuals and harmless natural products, issues completely inaccurate, indeed, deliberately mendacious publicity releases slandering practitioners, nutritional products and innovative drugs and has so far departed from the purposes for which it was created as to become a menace to both the public's health and their civil liberties.


Under 80 or more years of Allopathic domination, the standardized American health care system is unable to:


                (1)Control the resurgence of Tuberculosis in the country;

                (2)Control the rising rate of Cancer deaths;

                (3)Control the rising rate of coronary artery deaths;

                (4)Lower the infant mortality rate;

                (5)Find an effective cure for AIDS.


There are available answers to all these deficiencies, but none of them are embraced in Allopathic Doctrine.


The question presented is, if there is any legal control over this vast agency and any way citizens can take legal action to cause the agency to be brought under control and be forced to comport itself in accordance with the intent of Congress in creating it, and the additional question of whether or not citizens who have been harassed by its Ultra Vires activities may sue for damages or other relief.


If such legal action is possible, is such legal action the best, or the sole means which can or should be employed to bring the agency under control.


A further question may be what or who is responsible for the agency getting out of control and what, if anything, can be done to ensure that the agency does not get out of control in the future and once again  become a menace to society.




The agency in question, the Food and Drug Administration, is an out of control bureaucracy, undertaking to perform some proper regulatory functions but devoting many of its resources to illicit functions not contained in its enabling legislation and not permissible under the constitution.


The agency [which was] directed by Commissioner David Kessler, M.D, JD, who assumed the position after the enforced resignation of Joe Young, PhD, has done little to change its behavior except put on a fresh face from time to time. 


An investigation revealed widespread corruption with many officials, taking large bribes, not to mention every member of Congress who are heavily lobbied by industries it was supposed to regulate, and the entire agency was demoralized and ineffective.[1]


The agency has openly and notoriously formed "partnership" with private trade associations and special interest groups for the purpose of aiding and abetting non-price predation in the health care market.




The agency has lawful jurisdiction over some Foods, Drugs and medical devices which are in interstate commerce and has no jurisdiction over the practice of medicine or other healing professions.


Despite this rather clear distinction, the agency repeatedly attempts to interfere with health care practitioners by means of its enforcement powers and by liaison with state regulatory agencies, and by conducting Gestapo type raids on the offices and clinics of health care practitioners who practice in Schools of Practice other than the Allopathic School and by attempting to suppress the use of techniques of  healing and of products for use in health care which are not within its regulatory jurisdiction.






This claim is born of deliberate suppression of health technologies which are non-toxic, effective and inexpensive; to name only a few in critical areas, these include:



EDTA Chelation - Adrenal Cortical Extract





Oxidative Therapies / Hyperbaric Chamber / Ozone

EDTA Chelation

Human Growth Hormone






IAT, Laetrile, L-Arginine, Black & Yellow Salves, Gerson Therapy, 714-X,            Homeotherapeutics, Krebiozen, Essiac, Immunostim, anti-neoplastin, Hoxey, Glixoxide, Revicci Therapies and many others, too numerous to mention here.






California (most active)


                Department of Consumer Affairs   

                State Board of Medicine

                State Board of Dental examiners                      

                State Board of Osteopathic Examiners

                State Board of Chiropractic Examiners

                Acupuncture Committee                    

                Food and Drug Branch

                Attorney General's Office                                 

                San Diego City Attorney's Office


Other States (Generic)

                State Board of Medical Examiners                

                State Board of Dental Examiners

                Attorney General's Office


Private Organizations Involved

                Pharmaceutical Advertising Council                              

                National Council Against Health Fraud (and affiliated organizations)

                National Federation of State Boards of Medical Examiners


Administrative Agencies

                NCI - National Cancer Institute                                       CDC - Centers for Disease Control

                FDA - Food and Drug Administration                             NIH - National Institutes of Health


Private Organizations


                American Heart Association                                             American Cancer Society


                Memorial Sloan Kettering Institute                                  Mayo Clinic

                American College of Allergy                                             Roswell, et al






The Eclectic Practice of Medicine*

In 1906, Dr. Rolla Thomas completely revised the 1866 teaching manual by John Milton Scudder, and revised it yet again in 1907. This was the culmination of a thirty-year frenzy of published creativity at the Eclectic Medical Institute in Cincinnati, Ohio, and was the main teaching text at that school until the1930s...the college closed in 1939.


Throughout can be viewed the primary thesis of Eclecticism: No matter what the disease may be named, treat the person with the symptoms first. Strengthen the defenses and support the life energy. Of course medicine as progressed exponentially since then...yet in some ways it has been infeebled by not treating the person, the actual "translator" of the disease, rather treating the pathology.


The Eclectics were the most sophisticated of all the Medical Reform Sects that arose from the mid-1800s, lasted the longest and published the best books. This is a physician's manual, and can be harrowing at times, but it offers a clear and precise model for the clinical application of a vitalist healing philosophy.


Many potentially fatal disorders harried our foreparents, many barely treatable by ANY physician, including the Eclectics...many are now merely footnotes, so capable is current medicine and public health. Yet, underneath it all is the basic tenant, still important and applicable, that HOW a person gets sick is at least equal to WHAT the name of the disease is. In this realm, much of this book is still useful, even subversive.



"...it were better for the doctor if he can forget that his patient has typhoid fever, pneumonia, dysentery, or whatever he may have, and study the conditions that are present. This may be wrongs of the circulation, of the nervous system, of the secretions, of digestion, of assimilation, or wrongs of the blood, but whatever the basal lesion, it must be overcome if the patient is to be benefited by medication."



The Relevant Service Market is that for health care services by licensed health care professionals for the prevention and treatment of diseases and the attainment of high level wellness. 


Competitors in the Relevant Service Market are physicians who practice several schools of practice differing in material aspects and approaches.  Historically, there has been brisk competition between such practitioners in the Relevant Service Market.





While there are no boundaries to the extent of domination the relevant geographic market discussed herein, are the United States and latterly, also Mexico and Canada, where health care practitioners and organizations are patronized routinely by United States citizens seeking health care practitioners and modalities not readily available in some areas of the United States. 


The relevant market for goods consists of nutritional supplements, herbs and drugs both manufactured in the United States and imported from other countries, used by persons to prevent and treat diseases and to attain a state of high level wellness. 


This market is interstate, frequently international and the movement of goods in the geographic market is regulated by both Federal and State agencies.  Such goods are distributed, marketed and sold in retail outlets, by mail order and by licensed health care practitioners who dispense them to their patients. 


Some of these goods may only be dispensed upon the written authorization of a licensed health care practitioner in the United States and Canada; most are available for direct purchase by the ultimate consumer.


Taken together, the relevant market for goods and services constitutes the second largest industry in the United States, involving expenditures exceeding One Trillion Dollars annually.  Approximately 40% of this cost is for Administrative services in connection with payment for goods and services by third-party payees.


Payment for a substantial percentage of the costs of goods and services is through State and Federal programs, a large percentage is through insurance programs.  The remainder is paid for by individuals and, in some instances, by their employers.




The health care industry during the Progressive Era is well documented in academic studies and can reasonably be accepted as a given here without describing in great detail how or why it occurred.  However, it was funded largely by the Rockefeller and Carnegie fortunes and was done to guarantee a dominant place in health care for the products of the petrochemical industry.


The Allopathic School of Medical Practice was picked to become the dominant survivor of the monopolization because it was:


(1)           Numerically the largest,


(2)           Had no well established system of doctrines which made it antagonistic to the use of a system of therapeutics based on petrochemical therapeutics,


(3)           Was represented by a fairly well organized and active Trade Association which was receptive to a take over by the funders,


(4)           Urgently needed a large infusion of cash and political influence to stop the growing public acceptance of its economic rivals and competitors,


(5)           Had little to offer its members without such an infusion of cash and political influence,[2]


(6)           Were headed by a staff which welcomed any help - motivated by absolutely no idealism

                and almost entirely by avarice, the staff of the AMA was easy to enlist in the

                monopolization and proved extremely efficient - particularly Morris Fishbein, whose role

                was pivotal and whose service  spanned several decades of the monopolization.


One of the chief monopolization strategies was through take over of medical education and the schools or universities which offered this.  There were several hundred which offered a two year course in Allopathic Medicine and granted the M.D. degree, which was the sole credential necessary for practice at that time.


Competitive medical universities operated by Homeopathic and Eclectic interests were fewer, but at least 75 existed - some well established and endowed.


All of these universities were supported by the tuition paid by their students; a few had some endowments, but in general, all Allopathic, Homeopathic and Eclectic Universities depended on tuition for their operating funds. 



The monopolist could have selected any of these; they were all easy targets, but the Allopathic School of Practice had a void in its therapeutic system which made it ideal for the monopolist and the Homeopathic and Eclectic Schools had therapeutic systems which offered little room for the


incorporation of petrochemical technology.


Many Americans, at least those who could afford to do so, went abroad for their medical education, initially to England or Scotland but eventually to Germany where State supported Universities had better facilities and foreign students who could and would pay tuition to augment the salaries of the faculty were welcomed to the extent that lectures were offered in English as well as German to facilitate and accommodate these foreign scholars.


To a man, the initial faculty of John's Hopkins, the first of the Medical Universities to be established and funded by the monopolists were graduates of German Universities and brought to the University both the medical and the political orientations gained as students at German universities, which they passed on to the students of John's Hopkins, most of whom went out to become the faculties of other American medical colleges and further incorporate both the medical and the political orientations of German universities into the graduates of American Medical Universities funded by the monopolists.  Those orientations remain a part of Allopathic medicine in the United States today.


This is primarily important in considering the role of the Allopathic School in genocidal activity, which the German medical profession entered into without protest between 1934 and 1945 under the National Socialist Regime in Germany.[3],[4]



Federal control started in earnest around 1938 with the Pure Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and this became what it is today in 1962 with the Kefauffer Amendments to that Act, which amendments included for the first time, an efficacy requirement which gave the FDA far more power to control both drugs and information about drugs.



The Federal Act was not intended to give the agency any control over the practice of medicine or other health care professions and both its language and many decisions of Federal Courts make that clear.  Nevertheless, the agency has made and continues to make increasing excursions into attempts to control the practice of medicine.


Sometime in the interval between 1945 and 1965, a decision was implemented to institute a hidden agenda into American health care policy, and that agenda is one of limiting life-span for purposes of population control and it is hidden amongst loud proclamations that health policy has a contrary agenda.


The beginning of the policy may have been during the Progressive Era, 1890-1920, and implementation may have begun during that era.[5]  It was during and immediately after the Progressive Era that the seeds of the present health care system were sown in the United States.


Since 1910, a combination of some practitioners and some manufacturers of goods involved in this market has attempted to attain a monopoly in the market to the exclusion of substitutable economic competitors. 


Some of the goods in this market, particularly those consisting of synthetic petrochemical pharmaceuticals, are preferentially used by the practitioners involved in the monopolization to the virtual exclusion of other goods. 


However, a large amount of the goods involved may be purchased and used by consumers without the recommendation or authorization of health care practitioners and the consumer is free to consult such practitioners or not as he or she sees fit, in most circumstances.


Licensure of health care practitioners is a function of State governments, all of which have a system of examination and licensure of some health care practitioners.  There is some variation from state to state in which practitioners are licensed and which are not licensed.


There is universal licensure of physicians and surgeons, osteopathic physicians and surgeons, dentists, chiropractic physicians and there is considerable variation as to the licensure of naturopathic physicians  and Oriental medical practitioners (acupuncturists) on a state by state basis.


Despite the state by state variation, all of these practitioners practice in a virtually uniform fashion all have trade associations and specialty societies which are national in scope and all receive fairly standardized training.


Licensure for physicians and surgeons was initially begun around 1890 on a state by state basis at the instigation of the American Medical Association, which is the trade association for the Allopathic School of Medical Practice. 


When the process was begun, State Legislatures typically created three separate State Boards of Medical examiners, to examine and license medical practitioners of the Allopathic, Homeopathic and Eclectic Schools of Medical Practice; in many states the Osteopathic School was also given a Board of Examiners.


Initially, the licenses granted to these practitioners was to treat any human disease, disorder or condition by drugs, surgery or any other means and all persons not so licensed were forbidden to undertake such activities for compensation. 


Shortly thereafter, other health care practitioners were also given licenses which carried out certain exceptions to the universal licensure of physicians, such as Dentists, Podiatrists, Pharmacists, Nurses, Midwives, Physiotherapists and eventually, Acupuncturists.


The campaign for licensure carried out by the AMA was for the purpose of attaining for its members an exclusive license to practice health care for compensation and to exclude all substitutable economic competitors from the market. 


This was not accomplished as State Legislators usually saw fit to license their economic competitors as well in order to maintain competition in the Relevant Service Market.


The campaign to attain exclusive licensure not having succeeded, the AMA next attempted to bring about a merger between the competitive schools of medical practice; that campaign is ongoing and has succeeded in some states to a degree, although all states continue to license health care practitioners who are substitutable economic competitors to allopathic physicians and have clearly articulated policies encouraging competition between different sorts of health care providers, set forth in state legislation.


The AMA and its component state medical societies, nevertheless, continued with unrelenting efforts to monopolize health care and have been convicted of Antitrust violations repeatedly.


The Federal Trade Commission brought an enforcement action against the AMA and its component societies resulting in information concerning anticompetitive misconduct and subsequently a private enforcement action by 4 chiropractors resulted in further permanent injunctions against anticompetitive misconduct.


The later action, Wilk, et al. v. AMA was based upon a campaign conducted by the AMA through its Department of Investigation and Council Against Quackery "to first contain then eliminate Chiropractic".


During the litigation, the Department of Investigation and the Council Against Quackery were hurriedly disbanded by the AMA and files of these organizations were handed over to a private organization which, funded by the Pharmaceutical Advertising Council, continues the anticompetitive campaigns as an ostensible private organization, which is actually an AMA front organization.  Its anticompetitive activities have intensified since the injunctions against the AMA were issued and affirmed.


A large part of the plan of monopolization has been and continues to be the suppression of information about health care providers and modalities which are competitive with those of AMA members. 


The AMA initially formed a sub rosa organization, the "Health Information Control Council" which had members from several bureaucratic regulatory agencies as members.  This was also broken up during the Wilk litigation.


As a part of the Wilk litigation, the Court held that calling a licensed competitor a Quack would constitute an antitrust offense; since that time the AMA front organization has substituted the word "fraud" for "quack" in its anticompetitive campaigns which increasingly are undertaken with State and Federal bureaucrats into whose "hidden agendas" the achievement of monopoly by the AMA and standardization of therapeutics fit extremely well.


During the past 25 years, most of the monopoly activity of this AMA front organization has been with bureaucrats and third party payees, such as Blue Cross and Blue Shield, which are both private insurers and pay agents for governmental programs such as Medicare. 


In these situations, these "insurance companies" do not function in their traditional roles as casualty insurers, but rather as cost-plus contract pay agents and, in this role, their activities neatly interface with both the AMA's monopolization efforts and the "hidden bureaucratic agendas" of regulatory agencies.


It is this combination of the AMA, acting through a front organization, the "insurance" companies who are not insuring but acting as cost-plus contract pay agents and the regulatory agencies involved in a "hidden agenda" which in combination, are bringing about and attempting to bring about the monopoly in health care which the AMA has been engaged in creating since 1890.


This combination has already succeeded in dangerously decreasing the quality of goods and services and astronomically increasing their price in the Relevant Service and Goods Market.


This has been accomplished by bureaucratic activity which is directly violative of the clearly articulated policies of the States and has as its purpose both increasing such costs and decreasing the quality of goods and services, and although it is state action, it is not such state action as is protected from Antitrust scrutiny by the State Action Exemption to the Antitrust Laws.




Thoma Szasz, Ph.D.




THE CANCER INDUSTRY: the Classic Expose ‘on the Cancer Establishment, by Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D.   http://www.amazon.com/Cancer-Industry-New-Updated/dp/1881025098/ref=pd_bbs_sr_3/002-5543013-4970407?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1191332622&sr=1-3



Harris Coulter Interview

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Medical historian Harris Coulter presents evidence to show that disabilities caused by vaccines are often "disguised" under different names: autism, dyslexia, learning disability, epilepsy, mental retardation, hyperactivity & minimal brain dysfunction. Up to 25% of American schoolchildren suffer from "development disabilities". A classic.  

'...It is the thesis of this remarkable book that early vaccinations can result in mild cases of sub-clinical encephalitis which, in turn, may well be responsible -- at least in part -- for the increase in autism, hyperactivity, dyslexia, sociopathy, and developmental disabilities, a rise that roughly coincides with the initiation of infant vaccinations. Coulter suggests further linkages to the increase in adolescent crime and suicide, and the decline in SAT scores.' Stanley Kripner, AHP, January 1993. 

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    [1]Moss, Ralph, The Cancer Industry,

    [2]It is difficult, in 1994, to envision the inroads that Homeopathy and Eclectic Medicine had made into public acceptance in 1894 - although these two Schools of Medical Practice comprised only about 15 - 20% of medical practitioners, they had around 45 to 50% of the market at the turn of the Century.

    [3]All but a very few of the Holocaust killings in Germany were carried out by physicians and many were carried out in hospitals.  With an enlightened study, one does not have to conjecture to deeply how the Holocaust mentality could be considered alive and well in allopathic medicine.

    [4]It is interesting to note that two of the earliest Allopathic Holocaust victims in America had some connection with the Nazi Holocaust.  The first Wilhelm Reich, M.D., was a refugee from Germany who fled to the United States to avoid Nazi persecution of Jews.  He was an internationally famous psychoanalyst, who later got interested in energy medicine, somewhat ahead of his time, and developed an energy accumulator which was useful in some disorders. 


He was subsequently imprisoned and died in a Federal prison for violation of the FDA Statute, his book and apparatus were destroyed by the FDA.  He died the same type of persecution he had fled Nazi Germany to escape - at the hands of the Allopathic establishment in the United States.


The second was Dr. Andrew Ivy, a brilliant scientist and physician, a professor at the University of Chicago, who was selected to attend the Nuremburg War Crimes Trials of the Nazi Doctors as an observer and expert witness on Medical Ethics.  He was deeply shocked by the evidence of human experimentation he heard at these trials and upon his return to the United States was equally shocked to discover the extent to which human experimentation without informed consent was carried out in American medical research.  He published several scathing articles on the subject. 



Subsequently for his espousal of a safe and non-toxic cancer treatment - Krebiozen - he was professionally ostracized and ruined by the AMA.  The connection between his writings and his subsequent downfall is interesting, if speculative. 


The FDA roundly denounced Krebiozen as ineffective without any testing.



    [5]Burroughs, J., American Medicine in the Progressive Era: The Move Toward Monopoly, Baltimore, the John's Hopkins Press 1979.