Standardized Testing
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Scooped by Erin Mallory!

Kids Tell All: I Am More Than a Standardized Test (VIDEO)

Kids Tell All: I Am More Than a Standardized Test (VIDEO) | Standardized Testing |
In the video series, ‘I Am Education,’ a fifth-grader opens up about the pressure he feels from high-stakes exams.
Erin Mallory's insight:

We can sit and preach that standardized testing is stressful and unhelpful to children but it is so much more powerful when it is coming from someone doing it at the moment. That's why I scooped this video. This video is important because it helps show the tremendous stress that students of a very young age are put under. In my opinion, too much weight is put on the tests. However, if we need to do the tests and have all the weight on them, don't let the students know how much weight is put on them.

Keep the children in the dark about why they are taking the test. Don't stress them out and I believe they'll do better. Many times the boy in the video shares that he "hopes he got the answer right" or "hopes that he did well" or knows "its a big test". If he didn't know that it was a big test, maybe he wouldn't put all the pressure on himself and just maybe he woud perform better. 

Rakhee Cherian's curator insight, December 8, 2013 1:27 AM

This video takes a clear side to standardized testing. And allows me to look into it from an important perspective: one of an actual student. Adults often discuss standardized testing and their opinions about it. But who is mostly affected by the testing is students. So its good to hear an opinion who is actually being affected. I appreciated that at the end of the article they acknowledged the purpose of testing and why they use it and then uses a counter argument to expand on their point. The video also allowed me to see a journey from the student. From when he had his dream to how testing made it difficult to achieve to finally realizing that he isnt defined by a test. And I think that is something that is important for students to realize. I remember many experiences where I wouldnt achieve the result that I was looking for and somehow believed that it meant I was just a failure. But allowing students to realize that it doesnt have to be true allows for us to take a step back and just approach testing with a new perspective. I would like to explore how to reform testing in order to make it fair to everyone. 

Dominique Pearl's curator insight, May 13, 2014 1:33 PM

It is a useful video because it supports  the topic and gives examples of it.  It supports it because  it has strong opinions  and it convinced me  that SAT is really bad.  It is also interesting and easy to understand. 

Scooped by Erin Mallory!

Standardized Tests | Prepare And Interpret Results

Standardized Tests | Prepare And Interpret Results | Standardized Testing |
What you should know about standardized tests before your child sharpens his #2 pencil. Learn to prepare for and interpret results.
Erin Mallory's comment, November 30, 2013 9:34 PM
I chose to scoop this article because in the article you can even see the stress and pressure put on the students in the article. This article provides preparation techniques for the student. It helps show just how far these tests are being taken and how serious students are expected to take it even though the tests are not accurately used.
Rachel Solomon's curator insight, December 5, 2013 9:34 PM

This article tells parents what they should know about standardized tests before their child goes to take them, and then it also tells them how to prepare for and interpret their child's test results. This is really important to know because there is no point in taking a standardized test if you don't know how to interpret the results. This article talks about things like what standardized tests measure and what their limitations are. Standardized testing has been a hot topic in the debate world for quite some time, and this is a good article to show what standardized tests are all about. 

Rakhee Cherian's curator insight, December 7, 2013 11:49 PM

There is a lot of controversy over standardized testing. The first thing I wanted to look into is what are their purpose? What are they looking for in the results? When it comes to standardized testing people often just know that they want to do well. But do well at what? What are they really looking for. So it may be helpful to know what are they testing? This article gives a clear precise answer and then expands on that and states some factors that can also affect the result. And what people can do to prepare for them. I also liked that it included a section about how to interpret the result. But then didnt flat out tell how to interpret it. It instead stated that it varies. I think that is important to realize because people often look at standardized testing and how it is all the same. But in fact it is all a little different. Although the may be able to be grouped together these types of tests tell you something specific and it is not all the same. So it is good to know what you are looking for so that when you get the result you understand what it is telling about you. And it isnt always what you would expect. It doesnt just say you were wrong or right there are more nuances within them. I think this is a helpful article when trying to get some facts and ideas about standardized testing and from there we can go more and depth and learn about the actual results of standardized testing.

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36 schools in N.Va. fall short of full state accreditation

36 schools in N.Va. fall short of full state accreditation | Standardized Testing |
Jefferson-Houston in Alexandria is the only school in the area whose state accreditation was denied.
Erin Mallory's comment, November 30, 2013 9:15 PM
One of the many reasons I do not agree with standardized testing is because I believe they are used too much for the school and too much pressure is put on the child to do well for the school. This article shows that this year, more schools than normal failed to meet full accreditation because not enough students passed the standardized test. The article says that people expect test scores to keep sinking because the tests are being made harder. However, the same pressure will be put on the children, if not more, because the school still has to meet the same requirements. Failure is not a good motivation for students. Having them take these harder and harder tests and putting so much pressure on them at such a young age is not healthy. These tests are not helping the students and are there to measure the school. The students should not have that responsibility.
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My Observations


Erin Mallory's insight:

Observations From My Classroom:

-My teacher was telling me about how they make goals at the beginning of the year about how many children will move up reading levels and into higher percentiles. Although these are just goals before the children are even met, the teachers are expected to meet them or else it reflects badly on them and the school. This puts pressure on the teachers to "teach the test" and make sure the children do well enough on the items tested and not necessarily on skills needed. 

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Why Standardized Tests Dont Measure Educational Quality't-Measure-Educational-Quality.aspx

Erin Mallory's comment, November 30, 2013 9:24 PM
The main thing standardized testing is used for is measuring the school and the effectiveness of the staff. This article goes into a detailed explanation--starting with the making of the test and going to the analysis of the scores--and explains why standardized testing is the wrong way to measure these things. The test is testing very different things than what we are trying to measure and that in turn creates a flawed system.
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State's reading test results show 'achievement gap' for at-risk ...

State's reading test results show 'achievement gap' for at-risk ... | Standardized Testing |
More Indiana third-graders are passing the state's reading proficiency test, but students who live in poverty or don't speak English as t.
Erin Mallory's comment, November 30, 2013 9:07 PM
This article shows an intro to standardized testing and what it can be used for. In Indiana, students at risk and failing the test seem to come from similar backgrounds. These results help because they allow their needs to be addressed further but it also highlights one of the many flaws of standardized testing by showing that tests may not be suited to all ranges of students. A select group of students may not do well on one test or another for some reason and at that point do we have to stop and think if the tests are worth it.