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Will Scandal Damage Te'os Marketability on Madison Ave?

Will Scandal Damage Te'os Marketability on Madison Ave? | Sports Management |
notre dame linebacker manti t'eo could lose millions in salary and endorsements dollars due to one of the strangest sports scandals in years.

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Christian Martinez's insight:

This articles talks of the possible endorsement problems for former Notre Dame Line backer Manti Te'o. it goes through the fact that if he proves to be involved in the hoax of the dead girlfriend(which gained him an incredible amount of publicity), how many teams and endorsers would look the other way with their money, and leave Manti losing millions.

After reading the article, I learned many things. For one, having 20/20 hindsight, I know that he was not in on the hoax and proved to just be very gullable humanbeing for falling for it. I also learned that when it comes to endorsing a high profile athletes, or any athletes for that matter, companies will look strongly into personal live's of potential endorsee's, and if it seems they are too risky to sign, they will look the other way. Just as many did with Mant'i in this whole scandal. I slected this article because I haven't done an article yet on endorsements, and since we just learned about them in class, i figured I'd search for it on scopit, and this was the most intersting article I found.  I found the fact that even through this, his first endorser, a small company stuck with him, possible for the publicity of their client, despite the fact that it is negative publicity. This article can help me in the industry, because it taught me that alot of sports endorsing has to do with the character of the athletes, so psychology of athletes could be a hirable avenue for me because people will want to know who the people they are paying really are, and I'm currently taking a Psychology class, so i could continue on that path. 

Christian Martinez's comment, September 26, 2013 7:58 PM
The URL is in the previous comment. This article summarizes the fact that EA Sports will not release an NCAA football videogame next year. Following lawsuits by former players against the NCAA for using player likeness' in the game, the collegiate governing body has decided to part ways with EA for the time being. I chose the article while searching though the sports money section of Forbes and this caught my eye and I have an interest in marketing in collegiate sports. Being in a video game such as NCAA football is a powerful marketing method. I learned that even though there is an extremely large fan base for the game, if all parties feel they are not properly compensated enough, the game will cease no matter how many people love it. In the end its all about the money. What I found was that this deal is not permanently terminated, but just temporarily for a few years so they can renegotiate terms. In the sports management field I feel the fact to know that all parties of a deal in sports, no matter if its real life or for a sports game, have to be happy, or else the whole thing, as we see hear, is destroyed.
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Christian Martinez's comment, September 26, 2013 8:53 PM
The URL is in the previous comment. This article has to do with the NFL's dealing with marketing to the rapidly expanding Hispanic demographic in the NFL. Some methods they used were simulcasting all of their games in Spanish and having a game held in Mexico city. I learned that the Hispanic population has grown to just over one sixth of the total population of the U.S. and is continuing to grow. (15 million in the past 10 years). What if found most astounding is that out of all the major sports in this country, the NFL is the only one to simulcast all of its games in Spanish. In the Sports industry, this article has taught me that with the rise in the Hispanic population, marketing to them will continue to grow as a means of concern in every aspect of sports. I chose this article because I am of Hispanic descent and like the fact that the NFL is catering to the needs of this demographic.
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NFL Package Creates New Incentives to Purchase Season Tickets

NFL Package Creates New Incentives to Purchase Season Tickets | Sports Management |
The NFL this week is unveiling its first package of benefits for the league’s roughly 1 million season-ticket holders, a program called The Membership Club.

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Christian Martinez's comment, September 11, 2013 1:39 PM
The link to this article is the last line of the previous comment. This article from covers the controversy over a possible name change of the Washington Redskins. to summarize, there has been widespread criticism of the name "Redskin" for its apparent derogatory meaning against Native Americans. Outspoken critic Peter King, a SI writer said that he refuses to use the term in his writing when referring to the team. While the owner Dan Snyder and Commissioner Roger Goodell state that they do not want to change the name because of it's positive meaning and history, it seems they do not want to pay the hefty check of changing the Redskin brand name( which could be in the tens of millions to do). I learned that from a marketing and brand recognition standpoint, some people such as Snyder, are willing to take criticism from certain groups for as long as possible if it means saving the money it takes to rename your brand, and get the new brand to be as well-known as the old. I found the fact that even when it has been known for years that the term "redskin" is offensive, people continue to purchase Redskin merchandise and tickets quite overwhelming. that says a lot about both the strength of the teams marketing department, to let that fact go unnoticed, and of the ignorance of the consumers, who don't care enough to realize that it is offensive. As far as helping me in the sports management sector, this article can help me to realize the important of a brand name and how companies, or franchises, once having attained a recognizable brand, will hold on to it until the bitter end. I chose this article because I am interested in the marketing side of sports and this was one of the first articles when I looked in Forbes.
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Christian Martinez's comment, September 11, 2013 3:21 PM
this article is in the previous comment. As I was watching Sportcenter last night I watched a recap of the US men's qualifying match win over Mexico. So as I sat here looking for articles, the match popped in my head again. So I typed US Soccer into the Forbes search menu, and this article came up. it covers the financial gains that come with qualifying for the World cup next summer in Brazil. these gains include a 12.5 million guaranteed payout, or a 25 million dollar payout for teams who qualify out of the preliminary group stage. I found that the USSF(the NFL of American soccer) has only a 60 million dollar budget, so this qualifying money is monumental to soccer in this country, even if it sounds miniscule compared to the money that is tossed around in other sports. I learned that being winning in sports is essesntial not only for the popularity of the team, but to continue to have financial gains. Winning isn't everything, but it certainly helps to further a club or organization. the writer also talked about how qualifying for this world cup and possibly winning further into it could help to strengthen the argument for sponsorship contracts renewals of their sponsors. Sponsor include Soccer United Marketing (whose contract runs out in 2014) Nike, MacDonald's, and Pepsi to name a few. As I said before, knowing that on-the-field success is a major factor when marketing or dealing with sponsor contracts.