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Stern says $250,000 fine for Spurs was ‘not about a coaching decision’ | The Point Forward -

Stern says $250,000 fine for Spurs was ‘not about a coaching decision’ | The Point Forward - | PR Played Professionally |
By Ben Golliver Even with criticism coming from all corners over the last week, NBA commissioner David Stern stood by his decision to fine the Spurs $250,000 after coach Gregg Popovich elected …...


It seems Popovich mistake to take out his four star players at the end of a winnable game proved more costly than a loss in the record book. NBA commissioner David Stern fined Greg Popovich and the San Antonio Spurs $250,000. FOR TAKING PLAYERS OUT OF A GAME? That’s right! Greg Popovich is a championship winning coach. He has had practically the same team for the last 6 years. The debacle here seems to be between whether or not David Stern should have even fined Greg Popovich in the first place.


Greg Popovich once again is a successful coach. David Stern is essentially just a really rich fan. Who would have better judgment for what to do in a game time situation? In this article we also get to see the sides of some of the other coaches and NBA club owners. Most of the coaches agree with Popovich’s decision and agree that the NBA should not hinder the coaches from coaching. Unfortunately, David Stern has to hear from television networks such as TNT for why the coach would let his star players rest while the television station is offering to show the program. This puts David Stern in a hard place.


As I alluded to in the last entry, it’s important to have a close communication between management and employees. In this case David Stern would represent the leadership of the organization and Greg Popovich would represent the front-liner of the organization, along with his players. The book, Public Relations Practices, says that there are six major components of trust within an organization. Those components are: openness, shared values, consistency of words and actions, appreciation, feedback, and autonomy (28).


One of the problems Stern had was that this was not Popovich’s first offense and Popovich should have let the Miami Heat and the NBA know he was doing this ahead of time. Also, the two should have shared values and be able to let each other know the others side of things. It seemed both disagreed with the others. There has to be a way to meet in the middle. Both need to be consistent with one another as well concerning the way they operate. I feel Stern should have shown a little more appreciation for Popovich considering he is a championship caliber coach. Stern should have provided more feedback on previous offenses, like verbal warnings. Finally, Stern should have shown a little more autonomy for Greg Popovich. I can’t say it enough. Popovich knows what he’s doing and shouldn’t be penalized for managing his team the way he seems best fit unless it is really a big time issue. 

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Alfred Morris runs the ball, not his mouth, for the Washington Redskins

Alfred Morris runs the ball, not his mouth, for the Washington Redskins | PR Played Professionally |

 "Redskins humble rookie brings humility to a position where bravado has reigned."


Alfred Morris, running-back for the Washington Redskins is creating a new mold for National Football League players. With most of the NFL indulging in the celebrity lifestyle, Morris is taking another route. Many players drive “tricked out” cars and wear large quantities of silver, gold, and diamonds. Morris, however does not. In fact Morris drives a 1991 Mazda sedan. He wears virtually no jewelry. In fact, after leading his team to victory this last week against former Super Bowl champions, all he could do was thank everyone for giving him a shot. Morris came from pretty humble beginnings and he says that that is where he learned to be grateful in all situations. Morris also went to an Atlantic Florida college whose season record was a measly 1 win and 11 losses. The article suggests that Morris shouldn’t have even been looked at by professional football clubs. Morris indeed was special.


Some of the strategies for the new century as described by the textbook, Public Relations Practices, states that one should, “consider an under-the-radar approach to bypass media( 166).“ It’s not too hard for Morris to do that considering he often falls in the shadows of Robert Griffin III. Although, Griffin will say that Morris has been just as important as himself. Morris has been relatively unknown because of Griffin and his also rookie year. His attitude usually goes unnoticed as well. Some athletes I can think to describe him would be the likes of Tim Tebow and David Robinson. Morris media image has been a relatively nonexistent one, and for that, he is also grateful. With the growing negative spotlight being placed on the NFL for their thugs and hard partiers it is refreshing to see an athlete you can truly look up to.


In order for the NFL to help this crisis is by presenting guys like Morris and Tebow more in the NFL community. It seems that there is not enough good media attention out there to over-power the negative attention that the NFL has been receiving. It seems as though the NFL and its memebers are only sucking from their community and hardly giving back. With the amount of money spent at these stadiums and from television and then to see their players causing troubles with the law enforcement, something has to be done. I’ve heard the statement, “in order to get something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.” Commissioner of the NFL, the ball’s in your court!    


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After NFL Player Jovan Belcher Kills Girlfriend and Self, League Rallies on Twitter

After NFL Player Jovan Belcher Kills Girlfriend and Self, League Rallies on Twitter | PR Played Professionally |
Kansas City Chiefs player Jovan Belcher killed his girlfriend and committed suicide Saturday. Here's how NFL players and teams reacted on Twitter.


Once again, the news of Jovan Belcher’s suicide and murder is a truly tragic one. It’s hard for everyone including the entire NFL. This article shows the deep sorrow that some of the players expressed for Javon’s family along with victim Kasandra Perkins’ (girlfriend) family. In fact, Chad Johnson made sure and posted a picture of Javon’s girlfriend and child and regarded them as the real victims of this tragic event. This was a pretty risky move during a very sensitive time but I feel Chad did a good job of showing the effects of an action like this can cause. Either way it was a sad day for the NFL teams everywhere.


One thing that has played a vital role in the communication between athletes and teams with their fans has been social media. This article specifically addresses the use of Twitter by different NFL athletes and organizations. Many athletes such as Tim Tebow and Chad Johnson wanted to publically show their respect for the families involved and did so by using their personal Twitter sites to reach those affected. In times of crisis something that is very important is that an organization comes together and is able to communicate effectively. At times this can be tricky when using social media because it is seen that some people do not possess a filter. Although, in times like this, it would be rare to see some athletes react in an offensive way. The book, Adventures in Public Relations, says that, “In any case, the public expects the leaders of trusted organizations to act with total honesty and sensitivity during and after a crisis.”


I think the NFL’s use of Twitter to lets their publics know that it was taking the correct steps to dissolving this crisis was a good move. Twitter is a growing social media tool used by millions of people so the exposure of the message is instantly widespread. If the NFL wasn’t immediate with their information it would make them look uncaring or inconsiderate of the situation. The fact they immediately knew what to do, by sending grief counselors they were showing assertiveness and great consideration for those involved. Even if the NFL wasn’t actively inconsiderate by not responding right away they would have appeared that way had they not been prepared for such an occurrence. The NFL and its members showed great love for their coworkers and an even greater picture of proper public relations.

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Strauss: Chris Duncan focused on future

Strauss: Chris Duncan focused on future | PR Played Professionally |
Sports talk-show co-host and former Cardinals outfielder is dealing with brain cancer but vows: 'I'm not going to let this beat me.'...


This article is about a former Cardinal’s outfielder named Chris Duncan. Chris Duncan recently was diagnosed with glioblastoma which is a cancer found in his brain. This is tragic news for Chris and his family, including Cardinal’s pitching coach and father David Duncan. Both have the pleasure of working for the same time while David was coaching and Chris was playing. It sounds like a picture perfect scenario doesn’t it? Well, I guess if you don’t consider the cancer part. Chris has found a way to use this situation to push him more and try to rehab his body back into playing at the professional performance level. Chris and his family could use this situation and think, “why us?” Instead they are choosing to stand up against the cancer and promote organizations to help people with the same condition, namely children.


It seems much of the news that is deemed worthy in the sport’s realm is purely over statistics or crisis. Not a whole lot else is talked about outside of that. It’s unfortunate in this player’s life that the form of public relations that can be clearly associated is crisis management. This can happen on in an organization but it can also happen at a very basic individual level as well. In fact I would say that there are some strong similarities in dealing with both. According to the book, Adventures in Public Relations, written by David W. Guth and Charles Marsh this would specifically resemble “The Chronic Crisis Stage.” This stage is pretty self-explanatory. Unfortunately with a situation like this it will probably continue to be a problem the rest of Chris Duncan’s life.


Chris made a wise decision though to use this for good and represent organizations that are promoting cures and aid for glioblastoma. Organizations can take the same kind of view. In times where they may have had an unforeseen crisis they can battle it by helping people affected. BP Oil continues to help the environment in the Gulf of Mexico to aid those affected by the massive oil spill. That oil spill may have given BP a new way to market their customers now as they have taken advantage of the opportunity to present their hard work to the world on how they are helping the gulf as well as the world with their energy solutions. It started as a crisis management campaign and can be easily changed into a consistent social responsibility campaign.   

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Miguel Cotto Faces Austin Trout On Showtime And Builds His Brand - Forbes

Miguel Cotto Faces Austin Trout On Showtime And Builds His Brand - Forbes | PR Played Professionally |

“Miguel Cotto squares off against undefeated Austin Trout at MSG in a bout televised on Showtime. It will be one of Cotto’s first non-PPV fights in years, as he looks to expand his brand and his business.”


Miguel Cotto is definitely looking to expand his brand. He is also learning that early on in your career some times where it seems like you may be taking a loss, you may be actually giving yourself a future win. He has declined offers of higher exposure fights to do an event where his organization, Miguel Cotto Promotions, can help promote the fight alongside Oscar De La Hoya's promotional organization, Golden Boy Promotions. This is a big step for Miguel Cotto as he is taking a step back from his chance to fight a higher ranked opponent to fight a lower ranked opponent and work on his business brand marketability. This is a genius idea considering many athletes’ careers are much shorter than regular profession's due to the rate of competition and aging process. This is setting somewhat of a safety blanket for Miguel Cotto at an early age (32) so that he can have an income far after his boxing career.


Cotto is going to want to research ways to target his audience. This can be done by looking at the concepts of other athletic or professional boxing or fighting competitions public relations and the way they relate to their audience. Second, he will want to plan a way to bring his campaign together by creating committees or different groups to divide different responsibilities as there is need such as advertisement, dealing with media coverage, boxer relationships and etc. Once he can clearly execute his promotion and communicate to his target audience for exposure then is only one thing left to do. Evaluate the mistakes he made and hold fast to the things which proved successful. This concept and planning strategy is adapted from the process on page 3 of the book, Adventures in Public Relations, written by David W. Guth and Charles Marsh. This process is referred to as the Public Relations Process and is meant to be a process by which all public relations usually go through at least once in their life, if not on a daily basis. The four step process is is simply research, planning, communication, and evaluation. In order for Cotto to run a successful business and promotion business then he needs to carefully consider these steps.

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Lamar Odom reportedly wants to apologize to Mark Cuban for his poor play in Dallas

Lamar Odom reportedly wants to apologize to Mark Cuban for his poor play in Dallas | PR Played Professionally |

"Last year, Lamar Odom's play was so miserable that reporting on his ongoing failings became a man-bites-dog situation. Once he did something of positive note, we concluded, it wasn't worth dealing with." said journalist Kelly Dwyer.


This is true. Lamar Odom has recently falling off the NBA grid. It almost goes without saying that Lamar has experienced a lot of new things in the past couple of years. He became a recent face on E! Hollywood show Keeping up with the Kardashians. He has also experienced a lot of trades in the last couple of years from Los Angeles, to New Orleans, and then to Dallas.


Over that time Lamar has somewhat let himself go. He is more out of shape then we have ever seen him. He reportedly shows up to practice with a poor attitude often. This is remarkable coming from a guy who in the last five years was a key 6th man and clutch free throw shooter.


Lamar recently apologized to Maverick’s owner Mark Cuban for his conduct and even his physique. This is a responsible move for Lamar, even though he should have not let this problem get this far in the first place. His response to Cuban could be considered somewhat of a personal social responsibility campaign as referred to on page 246 of “Adventures in Public Relation’s Case Studies and Critical Thinking.”


He recognized he had a mistake. His first line of business should be to apologize for his previous actions and make an effort to make sure that this doesn’t become a problem in the future. He should effectively get the message to all of his teammates, as well, who have to suffer for his poor playing. It’s important that he also get accountability or a trainer. Most athletes have managers or publicists who help them get the message out to media or other news sources but doing personal conversations has always been the most effective way of communication.


Lamar in his age really needs to consider where his future is heading. He has received a new fan base from his wife’s family’s show. If he can maybe take this time to work on acting or some other form of entertainment, as he already has an in being broadcasted on national television. It’s not uncommon for athletes as well as singers to switch between different celebrity type careers. Some can pull it off and some can’t. The same concept goes for basketball, Lamar. 

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Rams' 19-13 win is something special

Rams' 19-13 win is something special | PR Played Professionally |

Greg “The Leg” Zuerlein is bringing the Ram’s back! With the Ram’s first win against Seattle in 14 games it seems the tides have turned. A lot of this has to do with Greg’s stellar performance. According to Jim Thomas when commenting on St. Louis Rams kicker’s performance, “the 58-yarder in the first quarter set a franchise record for longest field goal. The 60-yarderin the third quarter did it again”


The Ram’s won 19-13 put them over there NFC West rivals. With Bradford making some mistakes early, it was Zuerlein who really seemed to win the game for St. Louis today. The Ram’s offense actually scored their first offensive touchdown tonight to end a multiple game streak of drought.


The Ram’s have been sporting a new look this year with the help of coach, Jeff Fisher.

Whether we’re talking about the confident smirk Fisher keeps on his face that has transferred to Bradford on the field, or today’s field goal trick play giving the Ram’s their first touchdown. I think the biggest thing that has helped St. Louis is not necessarily the in the details but in the bigger picture, and that’s the way Fisher sees it.


He’s shown he has for the Ram’s what “Public Relations Practices, Managerial Case Studies and Problems” would call “strategic plan.” He has revamped his team, starting a larger number of rookie athletes than most every NFL team. Fisher has an idea to start over and create a clean slate. This was the obvious boost that St. Louis needed.


Often times in PR it’s necessary to have the same kind of strategic planning mindset, even if it completely changes the attitude of the company. I think something that was important to St. Louis was first realizing there was a problem. You can’t fix something you don’t think is broken. In PR it’s important to point out problems and how they can potentially threaten the integrity of the project.


Then, you must also have a solution. Fisher has been figuring out his solution with this new Ram’s team. He’s changed the roster. More importantly, he’s changed the players, especcialy Bradford. This is ever present on the field as Bradford more confidently steps back into the pocket or redirects his ends during the call. Either way, when there’s a problem that is effecting the success of the company sometimes drastic times call for drastic measures.    

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It's Been Two Weeks, People---Chill Already

It's Been Two Weeks, People---Chill Already | PR Played Professionally |

In this article, author Jason Gay of the Wall Street Journal says, “There's an emerging belief now that what matters in the NFL is not winning September or October but rallying the roster when the weather turns bleak over the holidays.”


So why do NFL fans and analysts make such big deals out of these recent games? One reason Jason Gay gives is that because the games are so spread apart that there has to be something to fill that space. So analysts will analyze the same highlight videos for four days or until the next game in some cases.


This strategy has brought the attention of a lot of NFL fantasy leagues that make forms of betting pools based on the statistics of the individual players. This has not only brought more exposure but also helped fans maintain their hobby by making a slew of statistics available.


Last year, when Tim Tebow was stretched across different forms of mass media for a streak of good games he had experienced the world went crazy. People were “Tebowing” and taking pictures everywhere. Facebook status’ references for Tebow were probably at an all-time high. Last but not least, you could not keep his name out of the NFL analyst’s segments for one day.

Every single day Tebow’s face was plastered on ESPN’s online news feed.


This brought all kinds of attention to the NFL and Tebow as well. Some of it was good but, a lot of it was bad. Many people commented saying they were tired of hearing about the same thing every day. Once Tebow started to get cold on the field he eventually became more of a typical news item. It’s obvious some analysts had the proverbial foot in their mouth when Tebow started dropping off, but this article is talking about exactly this same issue of somewhat of an over-exposure.


The NFL, with their overdramatic analysts and under-qualified referees, needs to be practicing issues management. This is a process by which, “organizations identify and analyze emerging trends and issues for the purpose of preparing timely and appropriate responses. (Guth & Marsh, 7)  “


Something needs to be done. It seems from my last two posts that the NFL is taking a back seat approach to their business and it has left them suffering the consequences as far as feedback goes from the players, coaches, and fans. If they aren’t careful and take an assertive position on their public relations then they may be in for a lot more trouble.    

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Is soccer really a numbers game?

Is soccer really a numbers game? | PR Played Professionally |
For decades many soccer coaches viewed statistics other than goals and saves as nothing more than meaningless curiosities.


If the formula behind these statistics cannot be used to be applied to the game then they may be only meaningless curiosities. According to journalist Kevin Baxter, the MLS has recently put little tracking devices in the player’s jersey that "blends information from a GPS, gyroscope and accelerometer into real-time measurements of effort, speed and the distance each player has covered."


This way they can track the kind of effort that each athlete is putting out. This provides a way for soccer teams to see what kind of energy these athletes are putting out to see whether or not they would be a good fit for their team.


This will also provide soccer enthusiasts to be able to track their favorite players more closely. The MLS hopes that these new statistics will help provide a new aspect of the game for onlookers.


Most professional soccer leagues are significantly in debt. More and more of those leagues are looking for more options like this tiny little GPS system to draw attention to their games. This article says that soccer is continuing to become more popular in the United States. With this growing popularity there needs to be a way for these soccer leagues to bridge the gap between their popularity and their income.


Soccer has evolved predominantly in places like Spain and England. It has seen more and more "globalization" over the last couple of years as it has become popular in places where it was barely known. Globalization is defined as, "a period of economic interdependence resulting from technological advances and increasing world trade(Guth & Marsh)." This is seen in the growing popularity and the amount of foreign soccer jerseys being bought in America .


In the article the author says that these new statistics they will able to record can help reshape how the soccer community follows the sport as long as they learn how to properly deliver it to the audience. It’s important that they learn how to translate their data so it can be comprehended by the public or else the statistics will be as the author titles them: meaningless curiosities.


Also, the author points to the fact that if these statistics can be recorded and evaluated then they can be used to develop team strategy based on the individual efforts and skills of their team more effectively. This would add a better edge to the competition thus bringing more scoring which brings attention. All in all, I believe that is the goal.

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In His Return, Peyton Manning Assumes a Familiar Role: Winner

In His Return, Peyton Manning Assumes a Familiar Role: Winner | PR Played Professionally |
Peyton Manning, playing his first game in 20 months after four neck surgeries, completed 19 of 26 passes for 253 yards and two touchdowns as the Broncos beat the Steelers."

It's hard for Peyton to stay out of those headlines! The New York Times was quick to cover his story. The game ended a little over an hour ago and news of his success is already being revealed. Manning and the Broncos outscored the Steelers 31-19. All of this is pretty amazing due to the fact that Peyton Manning is debuting back from a shoulder surgery.

According to "Adventures in Public Relations, Case Studies and Critical Thinking," on page 114 it says that news is created using news judgement which is essentially the process of judging whether or not something is news-worthy.

One element to consider when judging whether or not somthing is news-worthy is deciding whether or not the subject is relevant to the writers audience. In this case, Peyton Manning is more than relevant. Not only is he coming back from from a long surgery rehabilitation but he is also playing with a brand new team which is something Manning hasn't done since he's been in the NFL.

This article gives insight to tonights highlights and statitistics for the game. The Broncos had a breakout game on both sides of the ball. With Manning driving the ball comfortably down the field against the Steeler's defense and the Bronco's defense catching interceptions and invading the pocket, the Steelers had no chance.

Manning has been featured on T.V. commercials for DirecTV displaying a humble attitude as he receives insults from Deion Sanders. He has faced a lot over time all while holding to his good mores. Mores is defined on page 20 in the book, "Public Relations Practices, Managerial Case Studies and problems," published by Center, Jackson, and et. al. are described as being a set of laws or rules that people basically agree to live by.

The Mannings are known as being the poster children for the NFL keeping a pretty clean record and continuing to gain success on the field. These two brothers make for a sports agents dream!
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Players, owners to keep talking as hope rises for NHL labor deal |

Players, owners to keep talking as hope rises for NHL labor deal | | PR Played Professionally |
NEW YORK (AP) -- Negotiations between hockey owners and players are going so well that NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman says he's "pleased with the process" - even if he has been left outside the latest rounds of discussions.


As you may already know, the NHL is going through another lockout. The last one took place in the season of 2005 which made it the first professional club to cancel a whole season in North America. The reason the board of directors of the NHL and the players are at a lockout is for the terms of salary percentages and insurance benefits. It seems silly to think about such things since most professional athletes are making pretty decent money for anyone. Most don’t understand they could live off less than what they do because they have become so accustomed to receiving the money they have in past. The last times the NHL came to terms with the players was at the end of the non-existent 2005 season. The agreement then ended in September of this year and is now being rewritten again.


It seems that the NHL and players recently have been much more optimistic than they ever have been. The agreement is starting to come together smoothly although, there is still much to talk about. The NHL has been seeing the other side of the spectrum a little more clearly and been more understanding towards the player and their conditions. The NHL players have also let go of the reigns a little as they are starting to see the realistic side of their demands. It’s important for the NHL owners to see the players as the image of their face though.


In the book, Public Relations Practices, it says that the most important people in an organization are the front-liners (28). That would be the players themselves as they are essentially the entertainers or performers. The book also says, “They make the product, deliver the service, sell the goods, and provide essential support mechanisms. In short, they more than anyone are the organization (28).” This is very true especially in the professional sports world. So, it is important to make sure that the NHL players are also having their needs met since they are the stars of the show. It’s true that if the front-liners of an organization are satisfied then it will be the baseline for providing satisfaction throughout the entire organization. When the players believe in what they are doing it is easier for them to bring more to the plate every time they play. This is true in the business world as well. Usually when an employee feels they are an important part of the company and are getting paid the way they should then they tend to yield more success in the field.

Maixme Dumont's curator insight, August 22, 2014 10:43 AM

We believe that players have the right to obtain a 50-50 revenue sharing with the owners, since they are the ones who make money for the owners. So it's normal that they get at least the same revenues that owners.

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Can Viral Sports Videos Give Kenyan Orphans a Better Future?

Can Viral Sports Videos Give Kenyan Orphans a Better Future? | PR Played Professionally |
Two videos of Kenyan orphans reenacting famous sports moments have gone viral. The man behind the videos hopes viewers will donate cash to build the kids a field of their own.


This video is not your typical widespread Youtube video. Entertaining? Yes. But, it’s more for than just entertainment. Dan Freiman, a MBA student from Canada went to Kenya to volunteer at the Grace Care Orphanage in West Nairobi, Kenya. While he was there he thought it would be a good idea to make a reenactment of famous baseball game. When he got back to Canada he decided to upload the video to Youtube. After the video received 70,000 hits in one week, Dan realized he may be on to something.


Dan decided to go back to the orphanage and do another reenactment, but this time of a famous NBA game between the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers. It is almost uncanny how similar the reenactment is, even down to the same music. Dan made this video for a different reason though. He made this video in hopes of raising $56,000 to help buy and level a nearby field to help the kids have more access to more athletic opportunities. One thing to mention is that the kids still have no real concept of the internet. They understand what it is about not how big it is.


It’s also rare to see a video coming from Kenya that isn’t played with sad slow music, with visuals of children starving and huddled together. This is exactly the point. According to the book, Public Relations Practices, the media usually focuses on reporting negative news (160). If you watch the news you can see that this is apparent. Usually, if an organization used to aid children in Kenya puts a video out then it is usually filled with dramatic music and negative visuals. In many places you will see this. Instead, Dan wanted to show that these kids are just like any kids here in the US, (aside from not knowing what the internet is). Since creating the new video he has seen some pretty awesome results. In the first week the video received 100,000 views and currently has raised $8,000. Unfortunately, the deadline for the event is January 10th, 2013. This doesn’t give the orphanage much time but it’s been proven before in the past that the Web can really help spread news fast. Dan has recently had his video embedded to multiple websites and hopes to obtain more exposure through the internet and media.     

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This is new: Sports agent breaks big NBA scoop on HuffPost | Articles | Home

This is new: Sports agent breaks big NBA scoop on HuffPost | Articles | Home | PR Played Professionally |
Atlanta Hawks player Joe Johnson, a talented free agent, re-signed with his current team. News of Johnson’s decision didn’t break on ESPN or a top sports website, it appeared on The Huffington Post .


Joe Johnson made a rare move by letting Huffington Post blogger, Arn Tellem, release his official news of resigning with his former team. Most athletes use different media outlets such as ESPN to get this kind of news out but instead Joe Johnson decided to bring it to the people. Joe Johnson had plenty of offers from different teams so his future seemed pretty unclear. Seeing as Johnson was the 4th most scoring player available as a free agent it was a pretty hot topic to see where this star would go.


Some question why Johnson released the information the way that he did in a negative light but instead I see this as a great way for Joe Johnson to show that he is giving back to some of his most consistent fans, namely, Arn Tellem. Tellem has been blogging about Johnson for years. In fact, in Tellem’s article he is not even using the newly released information as the highlight but rather he inserts it into an article designed to show the success of Joe Johnson over his already impressive NBA career. This way the readers can not overlook the young stud who has been putting up big numbers for Atlanta.


According to Guth and Marsh, authors of, “Adventures in Public Relations,” they state that, “Journalists have found that organization Web sites are excellent resources for gathering information (322).” Joe Johnson didn’t necessarily have his own site but he did have a group of supporters who have been maintaining his name through the Web. Joe Johnson used social media or blogging to first address his information which shows that it is true, in order to get information it’s important to get the most consistent information.


Some have slandered Johnson for his lack of exposure for his decision but I tend to root for the guy showing a little humility especially in such an often self-seeking career. It’s not every day a blogger gets to be the first one to expose such pertinent information and I am assuming it was a privilege. That must be why Tellem took careful detail to note just how impressive Johnson has already been with the Atlanta Hawks. With his choice not to leave and his choice use a small time blogger to release his big news, it seems Johnson is doing things right.                                  

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NFL Player Dies in Apparent Murder-Suicide

NFL Player Dies in Apparent Murder-Suicide | PR Played Professionally |
Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher killed his girlfriend before driving to the team's practice facility and killing himself in front of team officials, Kansas City police said.


Jovan Belcher, linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs committed suicide this last Saturday after killing girlfriend Kasandra Perkins. Both of them left behind a 3 month old child. This is terrible news on so many levels. It seemed the couple was arguing more lately according to Belcher’s mother. Regardless, there is no legitimate reason for the actions taken by Belcher. It is still unclear as to the reason behind the incident. One thing is clear. This event will take its toll on the Kansas City Chief’s as they mourn the loss of a friend. It also means the NFL will have to yet again clean up the mess left by NFL athlete suicide.


This weekend was a sad time for Kansas City Chiefs fans everywhere. As news of the event started to pile in the Kansas City Chiefs received a lot of attention. In the book, Adventures in Public Relations, written by David W Guth and Charles Marsh there is a lot of reference to crisis management within public relations. This is in fact one of those situations. The book would refer to this situation for the Kansas City Chiefs as being at “The Acute Crisis Stage.” This stage is characterized by being the “point of no return” where there is no turning back from the situation but rather it needs to be addressed (298). At first the NFL was withholding information because it wanted to make sure it had all the facts straight and that they were able to present the news as efficiently and attractively for the NFL as possible. Most would see this man’s actions and be disgusted with that conduct while the NFL instead chooses to highlight the rest of the Kansas City Chiefs and their condolences to them.


The NFL made sure to send counselors to the Kansas City Chiefs to make sure that they were covering their bases for the treatment of those players affected by the event. It’s important to make sure that if you want to maintain or increase your reputation in front of the public eye you have to take that extra step in employee relations to get a good review of your overall organization. What a lot of business owners and people in leadership positions don’t know is that in order for you to have a smoothly running operation you have to make sure the communication is clear and effective between the organizers or leaders and the movers or lower level employees.   

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Gregg Popovich Puts Spurs First, to Commissioner’s Chagrin

Gregg Popovich Puts Spurs First, to Commissioner’s Chagrin | PR Played Professionally |

"Though Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich has rested his big three before, he is too smart not to have anticipated the league commissioner David Stern’s reaction this time."


That's exactly right! This last week San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich was fined for keeping three of his best starters out of the game. As a coach he seemed totally justified in his thinking of keeping his starters fresh and from fatigue as they were ending their fourth game in five days. David Stern, owner of the NBA thought otherwise. David Stern had only one thing on his mind it seemed, entertainment.


The relationship between coach's and the National Basketball Association can be somewhat of a difficult one. This is especially true when considering the balance between media coverage deals and coaching strategy. In this example, Greg Popovich is worried about his team and their bodies for the rest of the season. I can imagine the coach thinking about his stars: Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobli and Tony Parker, future for the rest of the next three quarters of a season, not to mention the playoffs. That's only if Coach Gregg Popovich is able to properly coach his team without the NBA interfering.


This relationship is best exemplified by an excerpt from the book, "Adventures in Public Relations, Case Studies and Critical Thinking, “on page 61. The text says when speaking of the complexity of member relationships within a large organization, "This complexity demonstrates why practitioners should turn to research to gain a thorough understanding of an association's organization and governance structures." In this example I would replace governance structures with basketball strategy. In my opinion Popovich showed great coaching strategy by preserving his star basketball team. That’s especially because his team ranks among some of the most seasoned players in the NBA.


Are Gregg Popovich and the San Antonio Spurs unsuccessful? Absolutely not! They have had numerous playoff battles some leading to championships in the last decade and are probably one of the most consistent basketball clubs in the league. David Stern has to consider his deal with TNT and the spot that they have given him for larger platform games. It's important for David Stern to work out an agreement that depending on the amount of games and time in the season that TNT has to realize that these entertainers are human beings and need rest just like any other human being would, if not more from the amount of exercise and energy they put out on a daily basis.


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Lessons from the Olympics-The Numbers Speak For Themselves : PR News Blog

Lessons from the Olympics-The Numbers Speak For Themselves : PR News Blog | PR Played Professionally |

On Chapter two of the book “Public Relations Practices, Managerial case Studies and Promotions,” the author’s say, “Given the unpredictable nature of our world, there will always be unexpected situations that require reactive responses.” NBC realized this again over this last Olympic season. With the constant change in technology, NBC wanted to be sure to bring the best service to their viewers.


This past season NBC polled participants for their overall feeling of satisfaction towards the coverage of the Olympics that NBC provided. Through this process they learned that one of their most efficient tools was the live stream capability. This helped people stream from their wireless device such as their cell phone or tablet device. This not only gave more access to viewers but also gave more publicity to the Olympics as well as NBC.


NBC probably has a lot of pressure to keep up with technology as one of the premier channels for broadcasting sporting events, news and trending television shows. The author’s attitude  is that NBC might have waited a little too long to start this campaign but either way it has seemed to pay off, given the statistics in the article on their viewing.


The best way to find out if you are satisfying your customers is to ask. That’s exactly what NBC did during this campaign. PRNewsOnline’s  Editorial Director, Jon  Gelberg, said, “Long before you start to embark on any campaign, know what you want to measure, put the tools in place to measure and then use the data you’ve collected to make real-time adjustments to the current campaign, while using the lessons learned for all future campaigns.”   


Since then NBC has used live stream to reach their NFL audience as well. Hopefully this will open up a door for live stream from NBC on all of their sporting events. With the growing number of tablet and smartphone users NBC has to continue to create apps and trending tools to widen their network.


NBC has an advantage because as opposed to only being a movie channel, they show a variety of entertainment. This helps broaden their base of audience, giving them more exposure as the number and variety of their entertainment expands. It’s hard to please everyone. But, the best way to try is by getting feedback from your audience, taking that information and applying it to your goal for that campaign or in this case sporting event. That’s how a successfully PR campaign is run.

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Sports: The Language of Connection

Sports: The Language of Connection | PR Played Professionally |

Stew Friedman, Practice Professor of Management at Wharton School asks the question, "is the occasion for conversation, the very stuff of relationships?"


The obvious answer seems to be yes. In order to have a functioning relationship you must first have communication. In this article he points to a couple of ways that sport's relates to the world of communication in general. The world of sports honestly probably has a lot more to teach about connection and language than most other social influences.


In “Adventures in Public Relation: Case Studies and Critical Thinking,” public relations professionals usually do a four things constantly: research, plan, communicate, evaluate. Most professional athletes do the same thing (Guth & Marsh, 3).


For instance, right now it’s football season. Most teams when preparing for a game will research the opposing team. They see their offensive style and defensive style. The next thing they do is plan accordingly to the research they performed. They make plans to counter potential problems, or to outsmart their opponent. Then during the game they communicate. The quarterback has to get the play right as he communicates it to his teammates. One change in word can change an entire formation of play. The wording has to be perfect and he also has to make sure he can get his message across in hard circumstance such as speaking over large crowds. Then when the game is over the team evaluates. They looked at the things that worked and the things that didn’t and they use that information to prepare for future engagements.


Public relations professionals are much the same way. First, they have to research their company, client, stakeholders, or outside information for their situation. Second they have to make plans according what their task is. It could be a major merger in which you would have to put a plan together where both parties feel satisfied in the end. Then, they have to communicate their plan to both parties. Delivery has a huge effect on how successful the message is received. Finally, a public relations professional must evaluate their performance and likewise learn from their mistakes and use their wisdom to do better in future engagements.


Sport’s also shows that when a group of people come together for a common goal that they are capable of doing pretty amazing things. I think this is an important concept that needs to more embraced by more business’. For true success, successful communication is key.

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Replacement Officials Tarnish the N.F.L. Product on the Field

Replacement Officials Tarnish the N.F.L. Product on the Field | PR Played Professionally |

The N.F.L.’s carefully maintained sheen loses a bit of luster with each call that has to be overturned and with each extended conference.



Boy, is that right! The NFL has recently become the laughing stock of professional sports with its less than professional officiating staff. This article reiterates the constant scrutiny the NFL is receiving for the weekly blunders their officials are responsible for.


Author Judy Battista expresses her concern for the safety of the players as many officials are missing calls that are in place to protect the quarterbacks, such as helmet to helmet contact on tackles. This is a problem not only for the players, but also for the NFL as a whole. The longer the NFL continues to let their association be ridiculed by poor officiating the closer they are to having a major meltdown on their hands by coaches, players, officials, and the NFL public.


The major issue at hand is the pension of the original officials. Battista says the officials from last year have been on strike asking for $100,000 more from each team to go towards the official’s pension program. In the long run, this seems to be a small fee for the amount of bad PR the NFL has been receiving as of late. Battista also feels the NFL is being greedy and holding their usual stubborn mindset when making negotiations as we found out in the most recent NFL lockout.


You could argue that the poor officiating has created more exposure for the NFL as a comedic relief. The officials add a new variety to NFL highlights reels: comedy. To see the referees fumble over their words on the loud microphone and to seeing coaches completely justifiably chewing out these officials for poor calling is altogether humorous and sad at the same time.


According to Childers Hon and James Grunig’s PR Relationship Measurement Scale the NFL is struggling. There are six components of the scale and they are control mutuality, trust, satisfaction, commitment, exchange relationship, and communal relationship (Guth & Marsh).


The obvious component failed is satisfaction. It seems as though literally no one is satisfied. The players and coaches are constantly riled up at the officials. The original officials are constantly peeved at the NFL’s tight-wad mentality. Last but not least, the spectators are unsatisfied with the player protection and poor judgment calls.


The easiest answer to all of this is to come to an agreement with the officials now and set up a system where future officials will follow a program more similar to what the NFL was hoping to establish. This will take care of the problem currently as well as give the NFL some peace of mind for future altercations.   

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What NFL Films can teach you about storytelling | Articles | Home

What NFL Films can teach you about storytelling | Articles | Home | PR Played Professionally |

The NFL is a non profit organization which means it receives reduced taxation(Guth&Marsh p.59).It's been around for over 50 years now. In this article author Mike Sockol gives some background to the history and evolution of the NFL. One person that fits into that history is "Ed Sabol", a former sport's dad who filmed high school games then moved on to filming the 1962 NFL Championship. Needless to say, 50 years ago this

His son now carries on the legacy as well. His son Steve is quoted as saying:
"I think what we have done is we have brought a myhtology to the game. When we started, football had a tradition but we gave it a visual mythology."

This is ever clear as fans are gripped year in and year out by the hard hits and incredible plays.


What the Sabol family has done is picked those plays apart and exposed their highlights with dramatic sounds and unique angles. They now make a stiff, slow game into an exciting, fastpaced mini-movie.

The author offers three tips to telling a story which is an essential tool in Public Relations.


Their first tip is labeled, "First, put your audience in the action." This is important as Public Relations professionals to be involved with our audience. In this case, creating questionnaires and reaching out for customer insight can help you "put your audience in the action."


The second tip is to "create a dramatic context." This is necessary for people trying to advertise or promote something that may not seem all that appealing. Salesmen do it all the time bringing high energy and loud music to draw in their audience. Public Relations professionals use it to pitch an idea that may seem farfetched or unatainable.


The third tip is, "use your words wisely." This tip practically goes unsaid in Public Relations because it is an issue in the sports controlled media almost daily. Many athletes are getting in serious trouble for posts on twitter and other social media sites for their comments. In some writings for media writing its a format to take as much information as possible and cram it in a small amount of words.


Being a former athlete, I see the symmetry of sports and PR work. In both arenas there is training, performing, researching, and purpose. Good writing can affect a multititude of people. Success depends on how a message is delivered. Sometimes reactions can create effective movements and successful campaigns. Above all, one thing can be applied to both, practice makes perfect.

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The Highest-Salaried NFL Players - Forbes

The Highest-Salaried NFL Players - Forbes | PR Played Professionally |

Quarterbacks and pass rushers dominate the list of the NFL's big money men. It's no secret,


Quarterback's are dominating the NFL's social media. One thing that is surprising about this article's list of highest paid NFL stars pertainging to the three quarteback's is that Peyton Manning is a huge risk just coming back from surgery and Sam Bradford and Philip Rivers have not had stellar previous season's. Although, everyone would probably agree Peyton Manning belongs on the top five paid despite his surgery due to the fact he appears healthy and he has been a tremendous asset to the Indianapolis Colts. The breakdown of that information would be considered risk assessment which is something PR professionals are doing all the time when facing situations in the controlled media(Guth&Marsh p.357).

It's also surprising to see the defensive ends at the top of the list. Pass rusher Dwight Freeney is the highest salaried NFL athlete with defensive end Elvis Dumervil at number two. With the way the quarterbacks dominate the sports media its a fresh breath to see the other side of the ball dominating the economic aspect. As far as location goes, Denver holds the two of the top salaried athletes in the NFL with Manning and Dumervil.


According to Forbes Staff Tom Van Ripe, some of the fluctuations in salary between athletes may have came from different trade and draft regulations on financial issues that has been passed in the last couple of years. Some salaries violate the rules of recent regulations made but they are void because these athletes have been grandfathered in until their deal is up.

Ripe does a great job of giving background to the athletes in this article including their accomplishments and salaries. He also delivers an aspect of opinion similar to the ones in this post regarding the quarterbacks based on all the hype they are receiving in the public eye.

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