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French kill suspected Mali Islamists

French kill suspected Mali Islamists | South Africa&Mali -Anna Zibro |
The French army confirms that it killed 19 people in a clash with suspected Islamists earlier this week in Mali.
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S- confirmed that dead men were burried in the desert after the gun battle

S-no French casualties

S- up to 3,000 soldiers in Mali after intervening in January to rebels in the north

S- United Nations Minusma force has deployed more than 6,000 soldier and police in the county

P-pockets of al qaeda-linked fighters still remain

S-began last week

S- Spokesman denied reports that the 19 corpses had been left in the sun and spotted nomads

S-always bury the corpses where they died

P- islam groups stepped up on their operations in mali recently, attacking UN peacekeepers and killing french journalists in Kidal

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Attacks on voters and ballot boxes in northern Mali will delay polls and peace talk

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P-began voting in legislative elections 

-anti-election protesters attacked vehicles during demonstrations

-voting was prevente in 5 of goudam's 16 communes

-local officials stole ballot boxes voter cards 

-gunmen reported their satisfactin with the electoral process

-First parliamentary elections since March 2012 coup

-more than 1,000 canidates ran for 147 legislative seats

-Rally for Mali is tipped to win a majority

-2nd round is scheduled for December 15, delays beyond a week to the appointment of parliament are unlikely

-further attacks are likely before the second round of collecting votes

-they will have additional security to the areas who are unlikely to withdraw from the country by the december target date.


S-turn out was much lower than the 50% recorded  for the presendential election in July

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Immune System Diseases and Conditions; New Findings on HIV/AIDS from University of Cape Town Summarized

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S-kids have been identified as a particularly vulnerable group, at greater risk of loss from both pre-ART and ART care

-POC CD4 testing begun at a clinic for 12-25 year olds

-assessed wether there was a reduction in attrition between HIV testing, assessment for eligibility and ART initiation

-before and after observational study, using info from may 2010-april 2011

-Same-day POC CD4 testing started in June 2011 and dated was collected on patients from august 2011 to july 2012

-272 and 304 youth tested HIV-positive in two groups

-2nd group was twice as likely to have their ART eligibility assessed compared to group one

-group A patients: 275 (90%) vs. 183 (67%) [relative risk (RR) = 2.4, 95% CI: 1.8-3.4, p<0.0001]. More patients in World Health Organization (WHO) Stage 1 disease (85% vs. 69%), with CD4 counts] 350 cells/mu L (58% vs. 35%) and more males(13% vs. 7%) were detected in Group B

-time between testing and ART iniation was reduced from 36 days to 28

-POC CD4 testing improved assessment for ART eligibility

-improvement in the proportion initating ART and the reduction in time was not significant due to sample size limitations

-reduced attrition between HIV-testing

-research= stratagies to improve uptake of ART are needed
-improving patient support for HIV-positive youth immediately after diagnosis

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Mandela ceremony 'fake' interpreter raises security concerns

Mandela ceremony 'fake' interpreter raises security concerns | South Africa&Mali -Anna Zibro |
Three sign language experts said the man signing at the Nelson Mandela memorial service on Tuesday was not signing in South African or American sign languages.
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P-fake sign language interperator, example of bad organization

P- other problems= breakdowns in public transportation, hindered mourners from getting to the soccer stadium.

   Faulty audio made the remarks of world leaders in audiable for many. 

   Police failed to search the first wave of crowds who rushed into the stadium after authorites opened the gates just after dawn.

S- the deaf federation's national director told the press the "signer" was moving his hands around but there was no meaning in what used his hands for.

S- the signer used virtually no facial expressions to convey often emotional speeches of the leader

P- government is investigating "alleged incorrect use of sign language at the National Memorial Service"

S-outraged deaf people and sign language interperters have complained. 

S- the man himself knows he cant sign, but still stood up there pretending he could

S- it is impossible that he is any kind of interpreter, he is not even using a language

S- people said the man was an embarassment to South Africa, only he can understand those gestures

S-not the first time the man had signed at a very big event

P- Deaf federation of South Africa sent a complaint, suggesting he should take 5 years of trainging to be qualified to be an interpreter, ANC never responded

P- going to be an urgent meeting with the ANC, want to make a warning to other fake interpreters

S- people who know some signs try to pass themselves off as interpreters 

P-the people hiring them usually dont know how to sign so they dont know that the people are bogus signers

S-they know few signs and make quick money 

P-Spokes person said its sad that they are having an important ceremony, dedicated to honoring the life and celebrated the legacy of a great leader and the century got distracted by a far less important issue.



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Embassy: French Adviser Shot in Malian Capital |

Embassy: French Adviser Shot in Malian Capital | | South Africa&Mali -Anna Zibro |
(BAMAKO, Mali) — The French Embassy in Mali says a French military adviser has been wounded by gunfire in the capital, Bamako. Didier Nourisson, a spokesman for the embassy, said Friday that the man had been shot by an unidentified gunman.
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S- French military leader was wounded by gunfire in the capital, Banko

S- unidentified gun man

S-suspects were being questioned but it is to early to tell

S-France launched a military offensive in January to oust radical jihadists who had overtaken the major towns
S- French military reduced its presence to about 3,200 members 

S-Northern Mali has seen sucide bombing and mortar attacks aimed at French Forces 

S- violent crime targeting foreingers in the capital in the south is rare.

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Mali ex-leader in high treason probe

Mali ex-leader in high treason probe | South Africa&Mali -Anna Zibro |
Mali says it will investigate ousted leader Amadou Toumani Toure for high treason, accusing him of failing to stop an Islamist insurgency.
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P- plans to investigate former president

P- gov. accuses Mr Toure of failing as commander of the armed forces when the north was attacked by Islamists millitants

S- in april 2012 Toure was overthrown in a military coup, he fled to senegal

P-coup plunged mali into chaos, then both ethnic Tuareg separatists and Islamists.took over the northern desert region

S- Toure is going to get investigated for his participation in an exercise to demoralise the army by naming incompetent officers and soldiers, whose patriotism was questionable, to high-level posts

P- he resigned last April, part of a deal for the soldiers to hand back power

P-first seized power in 1991 from a former long time military leader

P-organized multi party elections, but stood down before returning to power after winning polls in 2002

S-coup took place weeks before Toure was supposed to step down.

P-his topling caused a rift between green berets and red berets.

S-Last month Gen Amadou Sanogo was charged with murder and other crimes

S-arrest was a sign that civilian government was showing its teeth to the military

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Thousands file past Mandela's body

Thousands file past Mandela's body | South Africa&Mali -Anna Zibro |
South Africans queue in their thousands to view the body of former President Nelson Mandela, which is lying in state for three days.
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s- his funeral will take place in his home village of Qunu in Eastern Cape province. 

p- the funeral was more of a celebration than a funeral 

p- government has been criticised over several mistakes in its handling of Mr Mandela's memorial service on Tuesday

p- sign language interprenter was inept

s/e- production staff to cut away from live footage of President Jacob Zuma, because he was being booed by sections of the crowd

 e-A national day of reconciliation will take place on 16 December when a statue of Mr Mandela will be unveiled at the Union Buildings.NTK-why the government didn't do a better job about handleing the funeral arrangments and making sure everything was taken care of.

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