Seven Scores to Satisfy Your St. Paddy's Day | Tracksounds Now (Blog) | Soundtrack |

In marking the day, I decided to make a post featuring seven scores that might bring ya a bit of Irish-luck today. These fine scores were all composed for films that were principally set in or about Ireland. Now, you might find a few titles missing from the list here and that's most likely because you're confusing scores written for films which were set in Scotland and not Ireland. Don't worry lads and lasses, it happens all the time, but don't tell your Irish or Scottish friends you made such a mistake. And a word to ya before you go having a tizzy, because not every note of every score listed is 100% Irish in its instrumentation or composition. This ain't no Irish Folk Music list, my friend. So with that bit out of the way, I think you'll find some good music here to help ya pass ol St. Paddy's Day.