One for the Money (Soundtrack) by Deborah Lurie | Soundtrack |

Review by Edmund Meinerts

Based on a best-selling novel of the same name, ONE FOR THE MONEY stars Katherine Heigl in an action-comedy about an out-of-work woman who finds herself chasing after a murder suspect in hopes of collecting the bounty. Unsurprisingly, that suspect happens to be a former flame of hers, and wacky hijinks, no doubt, ensue. Reviews have been unanimously scathing, with a staggering 2% at Rotten Tomatoes at the time of writing. Up-and-coming composer DEBORAH LURIE was well-positioned to handle this assignment; the DANNY ELFMAN orchestrator also has considerable experience arranging for various pop and rock artists over the last decade, spilling over into the scores for a number of recent “chick flicks” such as DEAR JOHN. No doubt a similar perky, contemporary flavor was requested of LURIE for ONE FOR THE MONEY, and that sound is precisely what she delivers.