Found Footage Films Are Sans Score and Soundtrack, But Do You Miss Them? | Film School Rejects | Soundtrack |

Music not only helps add to the emotion of a scene, but it also acts as a nod to the feelings not always said out loud by the characters. If the camera shows a character staring out at the horizon with soaring strings you feel hopeful whereas that scene with ominous tones and rumbling bass would make you feel anxious. In real life, if you came across someone staring out at nothing, you would not have musical cues to tell you what they were feeling and found footage mimics how most people would react in these moments. But because found footage does not need to adhere to the rule of the fourth wall, the person capturing that moment can ask that person what they are feeling (as you would in real life) and this ability to talk to the camera (and have the person filming add in their own commentary) makes the need for music to fill in for unspoken emotions almost unnecessary.