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On April 29th the film music community lost yet another film composer years before his time. Joel Goldsmith was the eldest son of legendary and Academy Award winning composer, Jerry Goldsmith. He began scoring films in the late seventies and is best known for his work on the Stargate spin off TV series’ and films. Over the course of his career he created fantastic music for numerous films, TV shows and video games such as LASERBLAST (co-composed with Richard Band), MOON 44, SHILOH, STAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT (written along side his father), KULL THE CONQUEROR, DIAMONDS, CALL OF DUTY 3 and more. We will be presenting music from all of those projects as well as a few surprises. For more information about Joel Goldsmith please visit his personal site at freeclyde.com. Also, please read this loving tribute by composer Neal Acree who Joel Goldsmith mentored for many years.