[Video] Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe talk about Making Beyond: Two Souls | Tracksounds | Soundtrack | Scoop.it
One of the most intriguing game titles of 2013 is David Cage's (Heavy Rain) BEYOND: TWO SOULS and it was recently made known that composers LORNE BALFE and HANS ZIMMER were going to be involved with it's original score.  As it turns out, Lorne Balfe will be the hand-on composer, while Hans Zimmer produces.  The two have already made a significant mark in the video game world with work on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Assassins Creed III, but Beyond: Two Souls may be their most cinematic, game-score yet. Sony has just released a nice, sit-down, interview with the duo.  They give us some insights into their approach for scoring this game and also share their thoughts about the unique opportunities afforded and challenges presented in the realm of video game music ...  http://blog.tracksounds.com/2013/08/hans-zimmer-and-lorne-balfe-talk-about.html