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Scooped by Christopher Coleman
May 27, 2015 1:47 PM!

Hollywood Studios Sued for Recycling Film Soundtracks Too Much

Hollywood Studios Sued for Recycling Film Soundtracks Too Much | Soundtrack |
A new lawsuit from the American Federation of Musicians counts dozens of examples from 'Bridesmaids' to 'Argo' where music wasn't totally original.
Christopher Coleman's insight:

I think there are much more egregious sins of "unoriginality" than these incidents.

Jordan Shiber's curator insight, January 26, 2020 6:14 PM
New contracts need to be introduced every time a work of art is used.  A guitar sample and a drum sample from the same person can be registered independently and gain their own royalties and when each is used, each needs a contract.  People tend to let this go, and in result want their fair share.  That is why contracts are made.  But, in defense, waiting this long is also their fault.  I have been a victim of time, lawsuit, and it ends up being a short than longer window for chances at recovery than one thinks.

Hollywood reporter is an accredited source. I would consider it a  major source in the audio industry.  They cover mainstream Film, art, and music articles, with honest content, that reaches a large audience. 
Scooped by Christopher Coleman
June 1, 2012 3:09 PM!

Musicians Picket Marvel Over ‘The Avengers’

I've just heard that the American Federation Of Musicians this morning picketed Marvel Studios in Manhattan Beach to protest studios going overseas to scor...
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