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Summary: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos walks the line between talking Kindle Fire specs and telling you services trump gadgets. The entire tech food chain---prosumer to enterprise---will see hardware as a mere vessel for delivering broader services.


The model is simple: Price the tablets and e-readers aggressively and make dough on the back end ecosystem. It's not rocket science, but others can't match Amazon. Google certainly can't match the services. Apple has the ecosystem, but frankly is more about the hardware.


Amazon flips the model and it was almost comical how Bezos talked up specs on the Kindle Fire a bit, but then noted those details don't matter.

If you play this Bezos vision thing out a bit more it's probably just the beginning of the hardware irrelevancy movement. On the consumer side, it's obvious that smartphones and tablets are all starting to look alike. They're all sharp for the most part. All that matters, however, is the content and the apps with a dash of ease of use.