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Mobile commerce on the up, as social commerce dips

Mobile commerce on the up, as social commerce dips | Social Media Recon |
IBM has released the results of a study into mobile and social commerce, with some surprising insights.


While a few months ago all eyes were on social commerce, with Facebook shops popping up all over the place and a renewed interest in Facebook credits, now it’s all about mobile commerce. The study found that share of smartphone shopping rose from 13.3% in Q1 to 15.1% in Q2. In the same period, social commerce dropped from an already low 2.4% to just 1.9%, showing the severe lack of appetite for commerce through social platforms. And when we say that, what we really mean is Facebook commerce...

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Is SMO (Social Media Optimization) the Next SEO?

Is SMO (Social Media Optimization) the Next SEO? | Social Media Recon |

Having a strong long-term SEO and social-media marketing strategy in place will help strengthen your online presence.


"Social media optimization (SMO) and search engine optimization (SEO) are powerful techniques for building your brand. Content-driven, both strategies function as pull-mechanisms to attract new audiences, boost Web traffic, and generate tangible leads.


The two strategies differ, however, with respect to user experience. When people come to your Website through search engines, for instance, they're likely looking for a specific product or piece of information and have a clear objective in mind. With social media, the opposite is true".


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