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New York State ranks the 49th worst state in the country when it comes to organ donation registration.


One local doctor is trying to change that using a younger generation and social media. Dr. Chris Barry is a transplant surgeon with the University of Rochester Medical Center. He started the group b-life New York because he says he's tired of seeing patients die while waiting for a donation.


With the help of student groups at U of R and RIT campuses,  his organization uses Facebook and Twitter to spread the message about the importance of organ donation, and talking about it with family.  “We’ve found that young people, they get organ donation,” said Barry. “They’re much more comfortable with the ideas of giving a gift after they pass.”


“It’s important to have those conversations because you want the people close to you to know what you would want to do and that it's important to you. Also, by having those conversations you can explain to people why it's a good decision,” said Lauren Sava, BLIFENY member.


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