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Social Media Anxiety
Got to love social media. First social media has to prove it matters and isn't just a game then people worry about "doing it wrong". Yes there are "wrong" ways to create social media content...remember when we all started sharing exactly what was happening in the moment? Don't do that anymore.

Next we had the quote stage and now we seem to be getting the idea of how to surf social media. Some still have anxiety about jumping in or doing the wrong thing. 

The half-life a tweet is hours. Remember you are in an ocean of content, so surf don't try to hold, compress or rule it. Here is another anti-anxiety pill for SMM. Look around, I've yet to follow or RT someone so brilliant I shouldn't be allowed in the same social space (lol). Yes they are out there, but I may never find them :).  

Social media is the great level. What you can SEE and FEEL fast is we all have the same obsessions, fears, strengths, weaknesses, doubts and frustrations. Social shows our humanity in all its glory and aspirations.  

Here is the other issue. If you are an Internet marketer, and who isn't these days, then social media anxiety can HURT. Don't let your "Sistine Chapel" perfectionism stop you from making social media mud pies. M  

Via Martin (Marty) Smith