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Rescooped by Rebecca Tison from Digital Delights - Digital Tribes!

Isn’t everyone using the internet? - Infographics on Digital Inclusion

Isn’t everyone using the internet?  - Infographics on Digital Inclusion | Social Media |
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Scooped by Rebecca Tison!

3 reasons why digital campaign ideas fail

3 reasons why digital campaign ideas fail | Social Media |

When executing a breakthrough idea in the digital realm, it's easy to commit a number of mistakes. Here's what to avoid when implementing online-specific ideas.


As I write this, I am looking at a poster. Every year, an industry publication releases a digital issue that contains some great posters and infographics that I often find useful and put up on the wall of my office for reference. One from 2011 had an ad on the bottom of it that read, "Creativity Meet Ubiquity." The ad seemed to infer that you can achieve that advertising omnipresence known as "ubiquity" simply by blasting your ad across all digital platforms -- as if ubiquity was some great Holy Grail that we advertising professionals (especially creatives) have been looking for our entire careers.


As the executive creative director of a digitally focused agency, my challenge is to come up with new and persuasive ideas specific to the online medium. I find myself staring at this poster on my wall, often late at night, while trying to devise an execution that will break through the clutter. What I need is something relevant, something useful, something entertaining and unique, something that will make a difference for my clients, something -- creative.


Honestly, I am never really going for ubiquity.


Ubiquity has had many names: the "breakthrough," the "Big Idea," "Media Agnostic." It has been associated with the notion that if we repeat a message or experience across all platforms, it will have a greater effect. In fact, ubiquity is something that just feels right. It feels so right that it can't be wrong -- right? And yet, we've witnessed countless cookie cutter executions over the years that pander to the lowest common denominator of what "the idea" is. On this road paved with good intentions, many mistakes are made.


Here are three of the biggest.

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