social isolation
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Australia: Silver surfers fighting loneliness with technology | ABC Online

Australia: Silver surfers fighting loneliness with technology | ABC Online | social isolation |

A study teaching older people how to use programs like Facebook has found social media can help reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness among seniors.


Researchers from the Connecting Older Adults project say that while technology has helped older Australians remain in their homes for longer, many feel cut off from society.


The Sydney University team trained 150 senior citizens to use Twitter, Facebook and Skype and checked in with them regularly over a period of six months.


"Based on early short training, they were able to find the technologies quite usable, and we had some measurable benefits in terms of loneliness and social engagement," lead researcher Professor Robert Steele said.


One of the participants, 67-year-old Mila Pinko from Sydney, says social media has once again made her feel like part of the community.


"It's just great. You don't feel isolated, you don't feel depressed," she said.

Ms Pinko says since the training she now uses social media every day.


"It introduced me to Facebook and Twitter, which I'd never touched before," she said.


"With Skype it helped me a lot because I can transfer files now and also speak over Skype and do a lot of photos, receive photos and send photos.


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Suicide Ideation of Individuals in Online Social Networks

Suicide Ideation of Individuals in Online Social Networks | social isolation |

Suicide explains the largest number of death tolls among Japanese adolescents in their twenties and thirties. Suicide is also a major cause of death for adolescents in many other countries. Although social isolation has been implicated to influence the tendency to suicidal behavior, the impact of social isolation on suicide in the context of explicit social networks of individuals is scarcely explored. To address this question, we examined a large data set obtained from a social networking service dominant in Japan. The social network is composed of a set of friendship ties between pairs of users created by mutual endorsement. We carried out the logistic regression to identify users’ characteristics, both related and unrelated to social networks, which contribute to suicide ideation. We defined suicide ideation of a user as the membership to at least one active user-defined community related to suicide. We found that the number of communities to which a user belongs to, the intransitivity (i.e., paucity of triangles including the user), and the fraction of suicidal neighbors in the social network, contributed the most to suicide ideation in this order. Other characteristics including the age and gender contributed little to suicide ideation. We also found qualitatively the same results for depressive symptoms.

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Noah Schmidt's curator insight, May 28, 2013 3:35 PM

The impact of social networking isolation has also been a great influence of suicide as described here. Which is why we need to reconsider cyberbullying and the impact it can due to depressed individuals and their families.

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Social isolation 'ups death risk'

Social isolation 'ups death risk' | social isolation |
Social isolation is linked with a higher risk of death in older people, research suggests.

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