Top 5 Medical Device Industry Trends in 2018, Free MasterControl Inc. White Paper

Medical devices become more complex, so the registration will be more difficult: It impacts design, processes development communication and information.
It should as our lifes depend on it. Time of "just" coding "a" new healthapp is over:"a mobile app that serves as an accessory to support, supplement or augment an existing medical device, or to transform a mobile platform for some form of medical use is now considered an FDA- regulated mobile medical app. The FDA will use the same risk-based approach to ensure the safety and effectiveness of mobile apps that it uses for other medical devices. "..

– Bringing together patients' perspectives on eHealth and mHealth

What health apps, are evaluated by patients? See MyhealthApps: NOw there's an open invite to all that want to come forward to publish their own blog on Myhealthappsblog! DO!

Social Media Compliance in healthcare

We have seen social media guidelines from the beginnings of the discussion about healthcare and social media (#hcsm #hcsmeu #hcsmca #hcsmsa #hcsmfr etc) Now there is another inspiring article. See more here, like the one from Ed Bennett. BY the way it says: "Page 1 of 2,948,127 results for social media compliance in healthcare" ...