Ways to Improve Electronic Health Record Safety | The Pew Charitable Trusts

Gr8 insight by a recent survey by PEW addressing the very transfer from IT technology into actual practice of health care provision in real world and real time! Addressing possible and potential hazards in using Electronic Health Record by different people from different disciplines in health care. A must read for anyone active in healthcare with EHR's, patients inlcuded. That's why the eHealth thought lab works in three steps, planning nt only the concept of ideas to real applications, but also implementing its use to work effectively. See our eHealth elaboration here

Social Media Implementation Checklist

You might think that after 10+ years, social media for healthcare is a self evident activity,! Nothing is less true, however ;-) But here's a checklist you need if you still need to sign up ;-) 


Transforming Healthcare to Homecare - Ericsson ConsumerLab

Mobile development in health care provision demands integrated care. We 've said it before: it urges all stakeholders to work together in a co-creative way - not just "doing things with each other" See http://bit.ly/co-creation-in-care ).

There's more to designing care than just settling on who does what. The art of doing business in care is a thing to learn. There are  three different kinds of care: See http://bit.ly/Integration-of-care

How does Precision Medicine look at the end of 2016? - The Journal of Precision Medicine

Well established and short opinion on Precision medicine. Good to see the new journal too! Let's hope that this Obama initiative survives Trump's presidency! Why don't you share this to state your point?

What Banner Health and Philips learned from an outpatient telehealth program

Banner Health learned old assumptions must be put aside to develop a patient-centered telehealth program by harnessing home monitoring devices, tablets for video consults, all integrated and powered on Philips Healthcare's software.

Experience teaches that telemedicine and ehealth is an all encompassing effort: patient trust, medtech, mobile applications, but also the healthcare providers team must be adequately designed in order to gain trust AND to be effective. Design and development for implementation is as crucial as working tech and multidisciplinary coordination.
See here: for introduction to ehealth and for the ehealth thoughtlab