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Value is the currency on the Web, and the more value you create, the more people will flock to you. It has been said give till it hurts and you will receive it back in spades.


There are some secrets regarding social media that I’d like to share.

I’m a bit of a hard-core social media user and I’ve been doing web and content development for many years now. Because I have been online for a very long time (pre-graphical Web), I am pretty attuned to what constitutes authentic and cooperative behavior online. There are things that set apart the altruistic contributor (check out this cool thing!), for instance, from the self-serving ones (buy my stuff!).


If you do nothing else this year, consider shifting your social media strategy to encompass increasingly pro-social guidelines. The more you give, the more the community will give back, but it needs to be done with a sensitive hand.


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Via Martin Gysler