How Risk-Averse Startups Win With Low-Cost Testing - Noah Kagan, CEO [Video] | Small Business Support |

The above video is a conversation between Tim Ferriss, several first-time entrepreneurs, and Noah Kagan, CEO of In this video, Noah — who was an early employee at Facebook and — covers his risk-minimizing methodologies:

In the first 20 minutes:
- His career path, including failures.
- How he has used low-cost testing in his own ventures.
- Why focusing on the small things (even trivial things) is a big thing.
- Common mistakes and coping mechanisms of first-time founders (e.g. seeking multiple co-founders).

In the second 40 minutes:

- Live critiques (in some cases, constructive tear-downs) of real companies and entrepreneurs.
- How entrepreneurs can make the jump from theory to revenue… in real-time.
- How you can immediately stop “playing business” without customer contact."

Via Tania Kowritski, Martin (Marty) Smith