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France Just Banned Work Emails After 6 P.M

France Just Banned Work Emails After 6 P.M | Skin care |

There are many ways to distance yourself from the crushing tidal wave that is your work inbox. You can, for instance, impose an email sabbatical, which is supposed to be good for your mental health. Or you can plow through all of your emails in one go with the savvy use of search filters.


Now, there's a new lifehack for dealing with email 24/7, and it might just be our favorite yet: Move to France. The Guardian reports that the country's workers unions just imposed a ban that forbids employees from attending to "work-related material on their computers or smartphones" after they clock out for the day:

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Emeric Nectoux's comment, April 13, 2014 3:46 PM
Might sounds a bit extreme, isn't it? By the way, this is very anecdotal, and only applied by some companies who have experienced waves of suicide, after drastic reorganizations. (Lay-off)
4twenty2's curator insight, April 14, 2014 5:24 AM

Now thats a good idea; too much time is spent batting emails backwards and forwards to colleagues, partners, customers and clients.  So many issues can be sorted out by conversation, either face to face or by telephone, but with the availability of email, and the fact that we can communicate when we want without a thought about the person we are communicating with means it has become the easiest and most popular method of conversation in the workplace.  The downside is that we can spend entire days just responding to emails and never find time to be creative or innovative.  


By having a general shutdown/shutoff point for everyone within an organisation, it will force the more traditional methods of communication to come into play, and also give timeout to employees with out the usual feelings of guilt associated with working late/  Well done FRANCE !

Alexandra Bryant's curator insight, August 23, 2014 10:19 AM

17. With the development of technology,  the notion of the "9 to 5" office/work day no longer exists for many of us as we are contactable on our smart phones via messenger and email. Therefore it has become acceptable to communicate via email 24/7 and we often feel compelled to check our work emails at all times of the day. With a country such as France banning emails being sent after 6pm at night may see a change in the way we work on a global scale.......

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An Infographic Field Guide to Navigating Social Media

An Infographic Field Guide to Navigating Social Media | Skin care |
Why should you use a specific social media network? Learn which network is best for you, how much time it will take and why you should use it in this social media infographic.

The social media infographic includes key stats, target markets, audiences and the time commitment for each network.

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Stéphane Hardel's curator insight, December 15, 2013 6:50 AM

Chose your own social media

thomas junillon's curator insight, December 16, 2013 4:53 AM

Chiffres-clés sur les principaux réseaux sociaux : twitter, Google+, Facebook...

Toujours bons à avoir sous la main pour conforter vos dires !