Loads of companies and online publications are mapping the Olympic metal count, including most of the large online news outlets and now Esri via their popular story map resource (http://mapstories.esri.com). The latest Esri story map is called Mapping the Metals and provides a simple to use map UI (think ArcGIS Online) to share real time (almost) updates of the geographic distribution of the Olympic medals via data derived from heroku.com. Click on a country’s medal count icon and you’ll be taken to that country’s official page on the 2012 Olympics website for more info on the athletes. The story map also provides users with quick sharing to facebook and Twitter although no apprent embed map option is provided – if it is then it’s hidden pretty well! Check out this latest story map at http://storymaps.esri.com/stories/olympicmedals/

Via Elpidio I F Filho