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Couldn’t make it to Content Marketing World this year? Not a problem.




Here are my top 4 takeaways from the conference, which represented the best in content marketing trends, challenges, and thought leadership:


1)      The New Biggest Threat to Content Marketing: An Over-Reliance on Competent, Professional, On-Strategy Content: Only one year later, content marketing has gone mainstream. Early adopters have been proven right, but this also means that quality content marketing won’t confer the same advantages. To compete, content writers need to do more than cut the crap and up the quality – at this point, we all know that if our content is going to win the trust and love of our future customers, it absolutely must be well-written, entertaining, and useful.


2)      Content Marketing Needs to Tap into Emotions: Sophisticated marketers have already learned to make smart content – there’s really no excuse, at this point, for cranking out crap – but that isn’t the end of the line. Home run content marketing needs to make people feel something, not just think something.


3)      Let Your Team Tell the Story: As I heard from many speakers at CMW, your team is an amazing resource when it comes to generating content – often, with a little guidance, they can create the content on their own. As Marketo CIO Greg Higham recently pointed out, your team’s passion for their company and fluency with social media can make them ideal evangelists for your brand. Team members can write for your blog, contribute to an eBook, or sit down with you to brag about their latest victory. Blogs can become eBooks, eBooks can become infographics, infographics can become slidedecks.


4)      Hire Writers: In session after session, I heard that hiring good writers – whether you hire them as part of your marketing team, or contract with them for individual pieces – is essential to a committed content marketing strategy.

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