Shree Dandekar Believes in Hard Work
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Shree Dandekar Believes in Hard Work
Shree Dandekar has always had an extremely strong worth ethic, which has proven time and time again to help him come out on top. It is an admirable work ethic that requires diligence and demands attention but also inspires! If you were to ask Shree Dandekar the qualities he believes would make a good employee, the usual “organized,” “efficient,” “devoted,” and “intelligent” qualities would, of course, be on his list. However, there is one quality that cannot be beat: hard-working. A hard-working individual with a strategy to succeed is the exact combination Shree Dandekar believes is necessary to make it in the corporate world. “Strategy is never about instant gratification,” said Shree Dandekar. “Strategy is about building a course of action based on analysis of the known, prediction of the unknown blended with experience and tacit knowledge. In short it is a fruit of sometimes long labor.” Shree Dandekar’s career has most definitely been a long process in itself, but it has also produced a long list of accomplishments. Beginning in India, Shree Dandekar has devoted his efforts to finding innovative new ways to master business with minimal mistakes. Shree Dandekar has developed 17 patents, with many pending, regarding systems and methods for computer programs and applications. Although many people doubted his success, Shree Dandekar was adamant that he would prove them wrong. There have been times in his career, such as long nights of school and longer nights of work, that made him think there was no alternative way, but Shree Dandekar’s creative mind persevered to develop new ideas that would continue to inspire and encourage others to think one step ahead of the game and never be surprised. Shree Dandekar does not think hard work is always easy, it says “hard” in the name, after all, but it is definitely worth it when you see the fruits of your labor. For more information from Shree Dandekar regarding business tips and strategies, you can access his personal blog at ""! Shree Dandekar incorporates much of his work ethic into his writing to benefit the reader and effectively advise others on business strategy.
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