Should Tamarindo Surfing Newbies Consider Buying Used Surfboards?
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Should Tamarindo Surfing Newbies Consider Buying Used Surfboards?
Surfing is now one of the most popular sports, with 23 million people surfing the world’s beaches, and global market sales expected to hit $13.2 billion by 2017. One place that surfers flock to is Costa Rica, which offers surfing locales like Tamarindo. This article from The Costa Rica News explains what draws surfboard-totting tourists to this Central American country:
 Costa Rica’s has a unique blend of geography and wind that has created prime conditions to satisfy surfers from the noob to the super star. Because of these unique conditions, International competitions in Costa Rica are becoming more and more popular. Costa Rica hosted the 2009 World Surf Championships as well as the annual Rabbit Kekai Long boards Classic and the annual Women’s World Long board Championships held on the Pacific Coast at Boca de Barranca which is said to be on one of the longest breaks in the world; this competition brings 300+ surfers from around the globe. Despite surfing’s popularity, many people are deterred by the expenses associated with it. As the main equipment in this sport, surfboards represent the lion’s share of a surfer’s budget, costing anywhere from $100-$500—and possibly more for custom boards. Fortunately, places like Neptuno Surf Shop sell second-hand boards in Tamarindo that surfing newbies will find more reasonable. After all, those new to the sport will bump their boards into many rocks and other surfboards before they can pull off a successful hang five. Used boards are also ideal for kids as they’ll quickly outgrow their surfboard, both physically and skill-wise. Even better, the money saved on second-hand surfboards can be used for other surfing essentials. Aside from a board, a surfer should also invest in other equipment like wetsuits, rash vests, traction pads and leg ropes. Of course, the extra cash can also fund trips to famous beaches like those in Costa Rica’s many surfing meccas, such as the Tamarindo province. Surfing legend Kelly Slater once said that: “The joy of surfing is so many things combined, from the physical exertion of it, to the challenge of it, to the mental side of the sport.” Thankfully, used surfboards from a Tamarindo surf shop allow even more people to experience the thrill and sense of accomplishment this sport brings. (Article Excerpt and Image from Surfing Costa Rica, Dig Triad, 24 October 2013)
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