Year 12 Media Studies
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12 C Media Studies

12 C Media Studies | Year 12 Media Studies |

Now you have been introduced to some of the key representational theories and we have modelled some analysis in class, it is time to tackle an essay question. The essay should be 700-1000 words long and is due on Monday, October 13th.


Discuss the ways Homeland constructs the representation of either gender or the CIA.


Use the theories and questions we have used in class to help shape your answer. Also, you need to refer to:

- Camera shots

- Editing

- Sound

- Mise en scene


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A2 Revision

A2 Revision | Year 12 Media Studies |

Another good turn out today – Ryad is officially alive 


No news on Sarhan – fingers crossed.


Today we covered celebrity –culture Industry, governmentality, The illusion of intimacy - the hyper real, celetoid, hypertrophic…if you have no idea what these are check the last email’s attachments.



I also issued an exam paper (see attached) – please answer for homework, use notes this week and then next week do things from memory.

Tomorrow we will focus on a past exam paper and also have a re-fresher on genre.

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Congratulations to Year 12!

Congratulations to Year 12! | Year 12 Media Studies |

Well done to you all. I thought the exam paper was a good one and hopefully you feel the same.


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Last Minute Mest 1 Revision

Last Minute Mest 1 Revision | Year 12 Media Studies |


       *The VLE has lots of resources to help answer these questions*


Be very clear about the exam timings and how you are going to approach the exam. Do not spend too much or too little time on certain questions. Have a clear plan about how you will organise your note taking for Mest 1a – practise analysing texts using your note sheet.


Mest 1a: Be prepared for any genre of moving image text. It could be a film trailer, TV advert, website, sitcom etc. So make sure you are aware of the conventions of all the different moving image genres.


Mest 1a and b: You must continually use media terms, so revise words from the media glossary. Be confident enough to use concepts such as mise en scene, synergy, hybridity, convergence, context of consumption, demographics…to name but a few


Mest 1a and b: Don’t describe or recount. Get to the ‘nitty gritty’ straight away and use the text to support your analysis. Addresses the question directly in every paragraph…always think, ‘why has this text been created in this form?’ ‘What effect will it have on the audience?’ ‘Is it a genre text?’ ‘Why?’


Mest 1b: YOU MUST REFER TO 3 PLATFORMS, equally if possible. You will only get a D if you don’t do this.


Mest 1b: Remember that your case study is the film industry, the films you have researched are simply part of your case study and you should use these films to help you address the question. The aim is to show a critical understanding of the film industry not the three or so films you have researched.


Mest 1b: Don’t waste words. Don’t write lots of information about your films unless it is completely relevant to the question. There is no need to give lots of background info. Get to the point.


Mest 1b (and a): At the start of every paragraph link back to the question and the last paragraph by making a clear statement. For example, for a question about audiences you could start the paragraph like this:


‘The media industry’s concept of audience has changed drastically since the recent rapid advance of new media. Audiences today are more empowered than ever before, they can prosume, watch videos on demand, download films illegally and even demand cinemas to show films in their local cinema…’


‘Yet, despite this apparent empowerment, conglomerates still dominate the film industry…’


Mest 1b: There is no strict rule about how many films you can refer to, just make sure 95% from the last 3 years and that they are excellent examples for the question. As a rule of thumb, I would write about 2 or 3 films in detail and then perhaps refer to another 6 - 8 which help support or challenge certain points. Remember, you can just mention films in passing; you don’t have to go into depth about every film…


Mest 1b: It is not too late to collect more information about the film industry and more films. Try to have lots of examples of films that have advertised in interesting ways, or use celebrity brands, 3D, have interesting narratives, allow audience participation etc…


Mest 1b: The conclusion is your last chance to show off. You must directly answer the question and add some new information which supports your point. There is no point merely repeating yourself, add something poignant. Think beyond the question. Maybe make a conclusion about the media industry in general or make a prediction based on your writing…


Mest 1b: Compare your examples. Relate back to the question and always consider why the texts have been created like they have – is it down to the institution, audience, socio-political climate, genre, ideology of the group producing the text?


Mest 1b: Try to identify which debates fit well with the question – for example the debate about dumbing down fits in well to a lot of questions. Or the debate about illegal downloading and its negative impacts…

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A2 Revision Tasks

Revision activities


Please refer to the revision booklet I have re-sent to you; it covers most of the key ideas and goes through what to expect for each question.


1.     Learn media debates issues – this is the topic for question 2 of the Mest 3a exam. Below are some of the debates and issues that we could think of in class. It is not exhaustive though…


Effect of 9/11 – fear of terrorism, moral panics - folk devil, representation, greater surveillance, less privacy

Media effects

Moral panic

Social network effect

Phone hacking  - privacy – surveillanceWikileaks (Assange) – NSA

Freedom of information – accountability

Regulation – should the press be regulated? Should they have rules they have to follow?

Regulation in the UK -> BBFC (British Board of Film Classification)

P.C.C -> (temporary) Press Complaints Commission (they regulate the press in UK)

What can be considered ‘public interest’?

What is the role of the 4th estate (the press)?



2.     You also need to be confident with all the perspectives – Liberal pluralism, Postmodernism, Marxism, Feminism, Postcolonialism, Queer theory…


3.     Also, remind yourselves about the codes and conventions and institutional issues  of as many genres as possible – E.G – print news, film trailers, TV drama etc…


4.     Create a Mest 3a exam paper – trust me, it is very useful! Use the revision booklet for guidance about the sorts of questions you could ask.


5.     Revise the key concepts and theories of ‘ANGRILI’


5. For Mest 3B – create a revision table (use template as emailed)


6. Practice writing answers under timed conditions.

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Gulf Times - Student filmmakers seek social change

Gulf Times - Student filmmakers seek social change | Year 12 Media Studies |
صحيفة عربية يومية تصدر في قطر وتقدم أحدث المعلومات عن الطقس، أسعار العملات، مواقيت الصلاة بالإضافة لآخر مستجدات الأحداث السياسية، الاقتصادية، الرياضية، الثقافية والفنية محلياً ودوليا والكثير الكثير Gulf Times-Daily Arabic newspaper published in Qatar
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DC Win Three Awards at Thimun!

DC Win Three Awards at Thimun! | Year 12 Media Studies |

Well done to everyone who entered. Eight films were nominated out of almost 100 and we won 3 of the possible 8 awards - not bad going!

Thanks to everyone who attended the Gala evening, I was surprised how well you all scrub up!

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Trip to Al Jazeera

Trip to Al Jazeera | Year 12 Media Studies |
Sociology&Media Studies 's insight:

May 11th 


Year 13s have priority but If you are from another year and are interested, sign up ASAP.



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AS Exam Preparation

AS Exam Preparation | Year 12 Media Studies |

Hi everyone,

Because we are getting closer to the exams I will be running revision sessions after school on every Monday and Tuesday until the actual exam. We will cover as many past paper questions as possible and it will be a chance for you to clarify any questions you have . Just send me an email to tell me if you are coming.


For Mest 1a:

Don’t forget to revise the things we covered at the start of the year – form, representation, institution and audience


Here are the possible Mest 1b exam question areas:


Audience reception and response

Institutional contexts including advertising, independent vs. multinationals


Semiotics, narrative and genreIssues - synergy, intertextuality, cross media promotion, censorship

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AS Schedule

3 weeks until Easter!


Week 1:

1. Quick quiz and essay 1 preparation

2. Essay (Mest 1b: 45 minutes) - 

What is the relationship between the media products in your case study

and the advertising industry?

3. Quick quiz and essay 2 preparation

4. Essay 2 (Mest 1b: 45 minutes) - 

Is the media ‘dumbing down’? Discuss this statement in relation to the

media products from your case study.

5. Mock preparation - exam timings, Mest 1b format - revision of requirements, answer style etc...


Week 2: Mock Exam Week


Week 3: 

1. Mest 1a practice 1

2. Mest 1a practice 2

3. Mest 1a practice 3

4. Mock exam feedback; Easter essays set; 

5. Quiz



Essay 3: 

Consider the reasons media products from your case study are present across a range of media platforms.


Essay 4: 

All media texts tell stories.’ In what ways is narrative used in the media products in your case study?

Mock exam 2 - Monday 28th P5 and after school 

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Year 11 Exam Plan

Year 11 Exam Plan | Year 12 Media Studies |
Sociology&Media Studies 's insight:

4 Weeks until Easter


Week 1

Tuesday - Captain Phillips action adventure practice 

Thursday - Captain Phillips action adventure practice & action adventure theory


Week 2

Monday  - Action adventure theory & quiz

Wednesday - Mock exam 1

Thursday - Mock exam 


Week 3

Tuesday: Mock exam 1 feedback and Mock exam 2

Thursday: Mock exam 2


Week 4

Monday  -  Mock exam 2 feedback and Mock exam 3

Wednesday - Mock exam 3

Thursday - Mock exam analysis, model answer analysis & preparation for Easter revision


After Easter:

2 lessons - 

1. Exam structure & timings

2. TV comedy quiz

3. Action adventure quiz

4. Class/peer exam answers

5. Individual answers

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12C TV Drama: H/W

Due Thursday September 18th


Use the questions you were given in class to analyse a TV drama sequence (5 minutes) of your own choice. 


Please print off and hand in to LDV.

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Year 13 Sunday, May 25th

Today we are going to tackle a Mest 3a exam paper and will also start to focus on news – print in particular.


We will go through a past paper every lesson until the exam so it is worth coming in.

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Year 12 Student Model Answer: Lady Gaga ‘Bad Romance’ Music Promo

Music video by Lady Gaga performing Bad Romance. (C) 2009 Interscope Records #VEVOCertified on January 31, 2010.
Sociology&Media Studies 's insight:

Institution (12 marks)

Lady Gaga is one of the foremost music artists in the world and unsurprisingly, she owes much of her success to being part the most lucrative U.S music corporations - Universal Music Group. The institution is part of Vivendi, one of the big six media conglomerates. Therefore, thanks to her label, she has superb financial backing and a lot of marketing and advertising know how. Conglomerates such as these can promote artists such as Gaga across a multitude of platforms. The music video is a case in point. It has very high production values and is likely to have cost more than the majority of other videos in circulation because less money is being spent in this area.


The music promo very much reinforces her brand identity and aims to maintain or indeed increase, her brand equity. The promo is recognisable as a Gaga promo because of the emphasis on fashion, its lack of a tangible meaning and variety of iconography. Lady Gaga has been ideologically branded as someone who is her own person, a fashion leader and a strong female role model. She has even branded her own fans 'little monsters' and constantly refers to them even in this music video such as the mid shot of her posing with her arms raised like a monster. Her branding helps establish personal identity pleasures for her loyal audience – she is someone they look up to and often imitate (Katz and Blumler).

Without a doubt, Lady Gaga has become an institution in herself - she is a celebrity brand because her image has a very high brand equity.


Her music video receives an extraordinary amount of views (500 million) on Vevo and it is clear that Gaga has benefited from the internet revolution. Sites such as Vevo help increase her brand awareness and reach and importantly allow her fans to interact and share their ideas about her.


Audience (12 marks)

The major audience pleasure featured throughout this unconventional music video is diversion because the postmodern video is highly sensory - it is full of artistic shots of Gaga and her entourage. Whilst the promo is polysemic and the narrative, non-linear, it lacks a clear meaning, it appears that it does not really offer cognitive pleasures, instead it is a playful text which aims to divert the audience from the serious issues of real life. Although there is a mild link to the title of the song with the final mid shot of her on the bed with a skeleton, in reality the remainder of the text is unclear and confusing to the audience. Rather it is simply a collection of disjointed images which focus on fashion.


Due to the playful representations of sexuality and both female and male dominance, the text also offers guilty pleasures; the video feels a little bit naughty because of the s & m references (Lady Gaga crawling, lingerie and rubber suits). Also, the close up of water being forced down her trachea, creates a mood of schadenfreude.


Moreover, conventionally for music videos, the ‘male gaze’ is ever present. Not only is there an over the shoulder shot of a man looking at Gaga ‘perform. There is also a number of wide shots of dancing women, close ups of Gaga’s body and the mid shot of the mirror reflection which both present voyeuristic pleasures as the actors do not acknowledge the cameras and it gives the effect that the audience are watching something private. These pleasures might appeal more to men for obvious reasons, however, females may also enjoy the spectacle of someone acting with such confidence and perceived pleasure.


The video very much reinforces Gaga’s brand image as someone who is a risk taker and loves to push the boundaries of acceptability. Audiences appear to love for this because she does not want to conform and be like other manufactured music artists.


Representation (12 marks)

Lady Gaga’s dominance varies throughout the music video. At the beginning she is shown as authoritative because she is framed sitting in the centre of the shot, surrounded by others standing around her which connotes that they are in thrall to her. Furthermore, she is frequently framed in the centre of the shot and as the centre of everyone’s attention such as the men who are watching in chairs.


However, it appears that the representation is less positive at times. For example, at one point she is shot crawling on the floor up to the males sitting on the chairs. This shot clearly represents the males as the dominant group because she is shown to be extremely passive and victimized by him. On the other hand, one could argue that she is the one in power because she only crawls on one occasion and on the whole she is the one who is framed in the most powerful way. For example, she is shot from a low angle when she is dancing. Also, it is her who wins the battle of the ‘bad romance’ because she is shot with the skeleton (her dead lover).


However, on the whole, it would be easy to argue that the ideologies conveyed in this video objectify women and reduces them to sexual objects in the possession of power hungry men. Some shots appear to be very unnatural and manufactured this could interpret the society we live in. It aims to make women seem to be produced like ‘Barbies’ - fake and manufactured to look a certain way.  On a number of occasions, Gaga barely wears anything at all, indeed it appears that she is naked in one shot. Feminists such as Laura Mulvey would argue that this is a very negative representation because she should not feel the need to undress – who does it benefit besides men? Doing this simply means that Lady Gaga is downgraded to a performer for men’s pleasure perhaps reflecting the inequalities of society.



This is a playful postmodern music video. The narrative is non-linear and fractured as it is not in a chronological order as the shots do not particularly relate to each other. Moreover, the music video is has an open structure as since it doesn't really have a storyline there is no real ending, which can interpreted in different ways due to the context of consumption. Therefore, the text is polysemic - the montage of clips are not anchored, possibly relating to Lady Gaga's brand image, as she is known for the unconventional, unique choice of futuristic clothing and vintage props. She has created a USP of being alternative and shocking which appeals in particular to her primary audience of teenage females.


Enigma codes are apparent throughout and there seems to be hidden meaning behind the video.  The understanding of the video could also depend on the cultural code as it this idea seem to be accepting and understanding of her unique style.


Conventionally, the artist, Lady Gaga is the centre of attention in the music video and all eyes are on her. For example, at the beginning the video a wide shot of Gaga in the middle of the room on a throne signifies that she is the star and she is an important cultural figure.  Moreover, the camera shots synchronise with the non-diegetic music, for example, when the music becomes dramatic the video cuts to a close up of Gaga…Unfinished


What do you think of these answers? What could you change or add? 

Daniel Teale's curator insight, February 10, 2015 8:59 AM

Is LG the best example of proving "any publicity is good publicity"?

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AS Mest 1a

AS Mest 1a | Year 12 Media Studies |

Answering Mest 1a Questions




Answer all four questions. 

You should spend approximately 15 minutes studying the media product reproduced on page 3 and making notes on it.  These notes will not be marked.







Media Forms (12 marks)

For this question, you primarily need to convey to the examiner your understanding of media language. By media language I mean terms such as mise en scene (lighting, costume etc), diegetic and non-diegetic sound etc.  Secondly, and very importantly, this question is addressing your ability to identify and analyse generic and narrative codes (the signs that make up the text) and conventions (what you expect to see or hear within the genre). It is very important you do not just describe what happens in the text, you need to analyse for meaning – what techniques are used and why? Focus on the question, don’t just recount the text.



Perhaps one of the fundamental techniques that del Toro uses within the trailer is the utilisation of sound; throughout the trailer a range of diegetic and non diegetic sounds are cleverly used to not only stimulate the senses of the audience but also to help create a supernatural, ‘other worldly’ atmosphere. At the outset of the trailer, the audience hears the sounds of a glockenspiel and a xylophone which gradually gets louder and louder. This sound is originally accompanied by a black screen which then cuts to supers applauding this film as well as previous films such as ‘Los Olividados’; by commencing the film in this manner an atmosphere of suspense has already been established, the viewer is slowly drawn into the text. The music does continue for the most part of the trailer, but it evolves into different instruments depending on the visual elements. For example, loud, frenetic string music accompanies the young protagonist, ‘Santi’ when he runs from what could be a ghost and every time the scene changes it is accompanied by a loud drum. However, when this action subsides, the former glockenspiel and piano continues in its place...


Media Representations (12 marks)

For this question the examiner wants you to continue to utilise media language in order to try and understand how groups, individuals or actions might be represented within the text. Therefore, you need to deconstruct the mise en scene and try and identify how representations are created. However, most importantly, you need to consider why these representations might have been created in this manner – what ideologies are apparent? For example, a simple reason why many media texts present unrealistic representations is because hyperbolic representations create more interest. For example, a news story might sensationalise in order to create greater drama and therefore sell more issues. So…you need to ask yourself, is the group being positively or negatively represented? Why might this representation be created like this? Are stereotypes used? Are countertypes used? Is the text realistic? Why?



Using a child, Santi, as the protagonist is conventional of the horror genre and also helps to create suspense for the audience. Many horror and thriller films such as ‘The Orphan’ and ‘The Children’ utilise the ‘innocent’ as a way of drawing empathy and encouraging shock. In our society, a child is seen as most vulnerable, so when something happens to them in film we perhaps become more ready to be effected by this. Furthermore, when the innocent becomes the aggressor we are quicker to be repulsed and scared by this. In ‘The Devil’s Backbone’ however, it would appear that Santi is an innocent at the mercy of a supernatural being rather than vice versa. The conception of innocence has long been represented in the media and is often used to create emotional pleasures for the audience – they can identify and empathise with the innocent quickly thus creating stronger character bonds.

Of course, within the horror genre the audience should not expect high levels of verisimilitude (reality) thus representations are likely to be more stereotypical and less complex....


Media Institutions (12 marks)

For this question, you need to identify the institutions in the text – this means you need to recognize the producer of the text, the channel it may be broadcast on, the owner of the text etc. You need to consider how the institution is representing itself and why? Also, you need to consider levels of synergy. The main thing you need to consider is how the institution/s influence the text. Why might the content change due to the institution? For example, we know that the media News Corp. (headed by Rupert Murdoch) often falls in line with the opinion of Murdoch EG: 1997 – all UK News Corp media supported New Labour…2010; all News Corp media supported Conservatives.


Anything that appears on the BBC is supposed to be impartial and objective because the BBC is a public service broadcaster, this means that the BBC is a quasi governmental organization funded largely by the public license payer. A charter stipulates that the company should inform, educate and entertain. Thus, the BBC news for example, should show all sides of the story. However, it appears that the institution (like News Corp) is far from objective, many other institutions; especially the government put pressure on the channel to conform to expectations…


Media Audiences (12 marks)

Here you need to identify the primary and secondary demographic, psychographic and geographic audience for the text. Consider what techniques the producer and director use to gratify the audience. So, what audience pleasures are offered? Why are particular pleasures offered and not others? How does the representation appeal to the audience? Don’t forget to consider the purpose of the text – is it aiming to extend its audience, consolidate it etc?

Also, what persuasive techniques are used?



The advert appears to be using patriotic persuasive techniques to appeal to a primary geographic audience of English rugby fans. English iconography such as flags, scarves, rugby shirts and a scoreboard announcement of “Come on England”, all serve to appeal to the English audience of Sky. The initial sequence featuring Andy Robinson, Swing Low…, the English flag and the English rose is especially jingoistic and melodramatic. The English audience would hopefully be drawn into these patriotic images – of course, psychographically speaking, the more patriotic the Englishman, the more probable they are to consume the text. Demographically, the evidence within the advert indicates that perhaps it is likely to be targeting the adult male fan. Firstly, the protagonists in the spot are almost exclusively male and they are not represented as sex icons thus ruling out a female primary audience. Furthermore, the voice over is male and most of the crowd appeal to be male. These codes as well as the fact that rugby is largely a male centered game give this clear indication of the audience...










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Nismah and Shayna in the Gulf Times!

Nismah and Shayna in the Gulf Times! | Year 12 Media Studies |
صحيفة عربية يومية تصدر في قطر وتقدم أحدث المعلومات عن الطقس، أسعار العملات، مواقيت الصلاة بالإضافة لآخر مستجدات الأحداث السياسية، الاقتصادية، الرياضية، الثقافية والفنية محلياً ودوليا والكثير الكثير Gulf Times-Daily Arabic newspaper published in Qatar
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Roda and Sarah Win Best National Picture

Roda and Sarah Win Best National Picture | Year 12 Media Studies |
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Nismah and Shayna - Runners Up

Nismah and Shayna - Runners Up | Year 12 Media Studies |
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Harry's Qatar Motor Show Video 2014

Qatar Motor Show held at the National Convention Centre. All media apart from the music is my own.
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Year 13 Exam Plan

3 weeks until Easter holiday:


Week One:

1. Research feedback and discussion + Wikileaks

2. Social and Political Implications

3. Social and Political Implications

4. Social and Political Implications

5. Mock exam preparation


Homework: find social and political implications for your case study and prepare for mock exams


Week Two: Mock Exams


Week Three:

1. Social and Political Implications essay preparation 

2.  Essay One: 

In regards to your case study, what are the political and social implications of new technologies and the methods of their consumption?

3. Social change

4. Social change

5. Essay and mock exam feedback  & New Media Quiz






Week one: prepare case studies covering the key areas:


• consider how new/digital media affects the construction of media products (media analysis)

• consider the political and social implications of the new technologies and the methods of their consumption (media theories)

• consider the effects so far, and possible effects in the future, on media institutions (media production)

• consider the role of the interactive audience (media audiences)

• consider cross-cultural factors in, and the effects of globalisation on, the impact of new technology as appropriate.


Week Two:


Essay three:

Although new and digital media may promise audiences more freedom, it does not necessarily give them more power. Discuss. (48 marks)

Essay four:

New and digital media is creating one global culture. Do you think that this is true? (48 marks)




1. Mock exam and essay feedback and target setting

2. interactive audience

3. interactive audience

4. Essay four:

To what extent are new media technologies advantageous for audiences?

5. Peer marking & industry effects



1. Industry effects

2. Industry effects and essay preparation

Essay five:

Most of the traditional media’s attempts to compete with new and digital media have been too little and too late. Does your case study support this view? (48 marks)

3. Student presentations - Nismah, Hadiya and Ryad

4. Student presentations - Shayna, Sarah and Roda

5. Student presentations - Jake and Sarhan & FINAL QUIZ


 1. Mest 3a

2. Mest 3a

3. Mest 3a

4. Mest 3a

5. Mest 3a


1. Mest 3a

2. Mest 3a

3. Mest 3a

4. Mest 3a

5. Mest 3a


1. Mest 3b revision 

2. Mest 3b

3. Mest 3b

4. Mest 3b

5. Final exam preparation; student led


Exam leave: May 29th 

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A2 New Media Homework

A2 New Media Homework | Year 12 Media Studies |

Audience research


Please track three people's consumption habits for at least three days. Find out how long they are using new and digital media each day. What new and digital media do they use and how long for? The more detail you find out, the more useful this will for class discussion. 


Please present your findings digitally and email them to me before Sunday's lesson.


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