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39% of U.S. Public Libraries without e-books

I missed this report when it was released back in December, 2011 by COSLA, the Chief Officers of State Library Agencies.

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How to Build a Content Marketing Strategy - SEOmoz

How to Build a Content Marketing Strategy - SEOmoz | Selling Ebooks Online |
As successful link building tactics change, companies and clients alike are seeking to understand how certain forms of link building can be translated into long-term content marketing campaigns.




Below is the content strategy framework that Adria and I have implemented together for our clients. We've learned that this process isn't a quick win and that our most successful content marketing strategies have relied on dedicating at least 3 months to just research - market research, site audits, content audits, customer surveys, and customer interviews to name just a few.

Step 1: Researching the company

The first step in developing a content strategy framework is understanding the company.

Step 2: Data collection (and lots of it)

I believe in utilizing the data that we have available to make informed decisions. This applies specifically to content; the more we understand about the site and the customers, the more we are able to make informed and strategic decisions to the type(s) of content we want to produce. In order to do this, it's important to gather relevant data.

Step 3: Preparation and assessment

Now that new data has been collected from various channels, it's important to assess/analyze the data that has just been collected and see how it correlates with the data that you already have on-hand. During this stage, it's also critical to take a step back and make sure that the goals for the content have been clearly defined. 

Step 4: Prospecting

This phase of the process is identifying individuals/sites who would be interested in the type of content the company will produce and engaging them at multiple points with the goal to develop relationships with key influencers.

Step 5: Create and promote the content

In this step, the "go" is to now create the pieces of content and follow both the internal protocols and sign off processes that were established in step three of the process. Ensure that editorial standards are being followed and assess that the content being created is actually phenomenal. 

Step 6: Assess content performance

After the content has been released and promoted, it's time to assess how the content has performed and any other learnings that can be taken away from the process.

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CYDigital's curator insight, April 12, 2013 8:31 AM

In a word: BRILLIANT! One of the best posts we've seen regarding content marketing. This is a hands-on, step by step guide that provides you with the framework you need to either build a content marketing strategy or revise your existing strategy. At the very least, use it to audit that which you currently use! Another must click through.

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How To Write A Book Title That Sells

How To Write A Book Title That Sells | Selling Ebooks Online |
Want to learn how to write a book title that will make a window shopper buy your book? Click here to learn about writing a book title that really pops!
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In this blog post, I talk about writing compelling books titles that will automatically create a sense of quality and intrique for your potential buyers. Enjoy!

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Angela Booth's Writing Blog: If Your Ebooks Aren't Selling

Angela Booth's Writing Blog: If Your Ebooks Aren't Selling | Selling Ebooks Online |
Wondering why your Kindle ebooks aren’t selling? One reason: they can’t be found. Amazon’s search engine is powerful, but it’s not psychic.
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Always looking for ways to increase my ebook sales :)

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