Lauk's Nest Island, Alviso - Second life | Second Life Destinations |
Created in 2005 by resident Laukosargas Svarog (who also designed the beautiful sim, Svarga), Lauk's Nest is located just north of the Snowlands of Sansara, but in much warmer climes. Constructed as Mayan temple ruins surrounded by a rain forest, this impressive, historic build sits on a large island (pictured below) in the wonderful Sea of Fables. While the build has changed hands many times since Lauk created it, it still retains a large portion of her original design, including some interesting attempts to script life. There are flowers which change color when bees land on them, beehives from which bees emerge several times a day to pollinate the flowers, and carnivorous plants and birds which occasionally eat the bees. In Svarga, which was designed in 2006, Lauk took this experiment a step further, creating clouds that rained and essentially a dynamic ecosystem in which plants grew and multiplied. Built in a time before sculpted or flexible prims were available, both Svarga and Lauk's Nest are marvelous examples of the beauty that can be created with the basic SL prim.