Lichtbringer, LEA 2 - Second life | Second Life Destinations |

I'm in an art study group that meets Monday nights at 6:00 PM, SLT. Last week we went to an installation called Lichtbringer at LEA2. The LEA sims are awarded to artists who submit a proposal and pass a review. They then have a sim and 6 months to create their environment. You land here and will see some textured spheres to teleport with. There's also a free cinematic camera to pick up. When you wear it, your view is long and narrow like in a movie theater. Explore a bit where you land, and you'll find other gifts. They recommend setting your graphics to ultra, and it's really worth it, if your computer can handle it, even for a few minutes.

There are 8 environments to experience. Some are quite psychedelic. You can see in the photo above how the light is projecting on my avatar. I'm in the pictures to give you a sense of scale, and also I'm trying out some Pre-Raphaelite poses. The next photo is at SpaceRocks. It's an environment with giant physical rocks tumbling about. You can sit on some of them and dance around in the chaos.