f you're like most online merchants, you've got an eye on your SEO strategy and the tactics involved with gaining higher organic rankings and driving more targeted, free traffic to your site. If you've been paying attention to Google lately, you've realized a few changes that have had or may have an impact on your business. I'm here to help you make sense of these recent changes and offer a long-term SEO strategy that'll stand the test-of-time -- or at least stand the test of Google algorithm changes and, in the case of Hummingbird, complete overhauls.

Rundown of recent changes this year with Google and its effects

Penguin 2.0 -- May 22, 2013: This was primarily a link-quality algorithm update that took into account the incoming link profile of any given website. Google was looking for situations where it seemed obvious there was link manipulation happening. For example, situations where websites were clearly trying to build incoming links with very specific anchor text that went beyond what a more natural-looking incoming link profile would resemble. Typically, this anchor text consisted of the most valuable business terms for that website (e.g. LCD HDTVs)

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