Did Zuckerberg Dismiss the Law of Diminishing Returns? | Commentary and analysis from Simon Dumenco - Advertising Age | The future of Entertainment | Scoop.it
Mark Zuckerberg in 2008 prophesized that with each year, people would share more and more on the web. But he forgot about the Law of Diminishing Returns.

This is what Simon Dumenco writes on Advertising Age.

I can agree with him for a lot of point of views but I think that the Facebook people way of communicating will turn in 1-2 years in value form of communicating. We people need value. Sometimes we like humor, sometimes we like trash, sometimes we like talking about nothing, but some other times we need value. What we share is what we like and some other people like.

Facebook is about sharing way of thinking and when is valuable it's getting interesting. Very interesting. If I share value, you share value. It's information open source.

Mattia Nicoletti