Love. Marketers Need to Embrace Peer-to-Peer Activities [Sharing Economy Update] | The future of Entertainment |

"There’s a group of hardware store employees in the San Francisco Bay Area who embody that sage observation that we humans are not “cisterns made for hoarding—we are channels made for sharing.” They also happen to personify a trend that’s reshaping our service-based society, one that increasingly has top consumer brands jumping on board: the sharing economy....


Marketers have largely been on the sidelines of what the agency JWT calls the "peer power movement," but that's changing. Peer-to-peer commerce tends to be direct, emotionally satisfying, personal, green and have a very "now" quality about it—all catnip for brands hungry for more intimate connections with consumers. Several major marketers—among them, Chevrolet, Gap, Pepsi, Unilever—have been sniffing around. Even Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, has tried to find its way in, even though it ran into a buzzsaw of negative feedback and backed off as a result...."

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