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Scooped by Dave Shaver!

Schumer endorses Hillary

Idiot politics in The United States

Dave Shaver's insight:

The US Presidency has become a joke.


The office is supposed to be the Chief Executive of the United States and Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces.


The person who is chosen by the Electoral College is supposed to bring some kind of experience to the office related to the job.

If a company was looking for a CEO, they wouldn’t conduct a popularity contest to fill the position.


What sense would that make?


Just because a person is “popular” doesn’t mean they can do anything productive at work.


As many can see now, we have an occupier of the Oval Office who has no experience in business, military, or even leadership. He’s a community organizer – that’s not even a real job. Barack Obama rose in the political arena because of lies, fabrication, and liberal white guilt.


We have an EEOC President who has caused great damage to our economy, created a train wreck of ‘healthcare reform” and pushing through his “fundamental transformation” thanks to a “perfect storm”.

Because he is our first black Caucasian President, all politicians are terrified of being called a racist. No matter what he does, don’t criticize him because liberals turn it into a racial issue.


He can run naked down Pennsylvania Ave, smoking pot and molesting women and children along the route and it would be perfectly okay, because if anyone said different, they would be a racist.


Hillary comes with some terrible baggage, a trail of death, corruption, and fraud.


Stop the idiot politicking in DC and do your job people!!

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Rescooped by Dave Shaver from Windows 8 Apps!

Twitter for Windows 8 gets updated

Twitter for Windows 8 gets updated | Save America |

Today, Twitter released an update for Twitter for Windows 8. This update brings along bug fixes but also adds some new features.

Via Allmyapps
Dave Shaver's insight:

Mooshell O claimed that the Freedoms and Prosperity of US were hateful.

Believes her candy-man has the answer to enslave us all.

Isn't slavery hateful?

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