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In this article "Train To Paksitan", those film related personalities are mentioned who were associated with Indian Film Industry prepartition or before migrating to Pakistan from India. 
Those personalities are distributed under different segments like Heroes, Heroines, Actors, Directors, Musicians and Relatives. 
In Relative segment you will read about those who were associated with Indian cinema before Partition and had a name and fame there, but after migrating to Pakistan they did not take part in Pakistani films but their kith & kin made their place in Paksitan film industry and got fame and name in showbiz. 
We will describe briefly on those renowned film personalities who have already been printed in details in this magazine, and can be viewed in their related links. 
We are not claiming that 100 % "Filmi log" are included/covered in this article, many might be missed especially from technical side film people like photographer, dance directors, peots and art directors etc. .

By Mohammed Ayub Qureshi, Saudi Arabia

Film Music bogie

» Musician's
» Lyricist's
» Singer's

Film Musician'sKHURSHEED ANWAR (Producer/Director/musician)
Khursheed Anwar, well educated person and a big name in Pakistan film music and one of the legend musicians.
Before partition he scored music of some films like Kurmai (1941), Ishara (1943), Parakh (1944), Yateem (1945), Silver queen (1946) and Aaaj aur kal, Pagdandi and Parwana (1947).

After migrating to Pakistan, he produced and directed some films also (Ghoonghat, Chingari and Hamraaz), al though he was not busy in a lot of films but all his songs which he composed can be categorized as master pieces. His films in Pakistan were Intizar, Koel, Jhoomer, Ayaz, Ghoonghat, Chingari, Havaili, Sarhad, Hamraaz, Heer Ranjha, Guddo, Parai aag, Shirin Farhad and Mirza Jatt . He died in 1984.RASHID ATRAY (Musician/Producer)
In India he made music of Shirin Farhad (1945), Nateeja and Paro (1947). In Pakistan he worked a lot and most of his songs became very popular. From 1950's to mid 1960's Rasheed Atray was very busy in films, some of his films were Bailee, Shahree babu, Roohi, Khatoon, Laila majnoon, Waada, Baap ka gunah, Shohrat, Saat laakh, Paasbaan, Chingaiz Khan, Jan-e-bahar, Anar kali (one of musicians), Rukhsana, Mukhra, Neend, Gulshan, Salma, Sahil, Dakoo kee larki, Sham dhaley, Farishta, Gulfam, Shaheed, Qaidi, Mousiqar and many more.
He produced film Mousiqar (1962), he died in 1967 and his son Wajahat Atray is busy in Pakistan films as musician and his grand son is also ready to enter in this music world.

Master Inayat Hussain is also a big name of Pakistan film music. Pre-partition he cmposed music of film Kamlee (46) and then moved to Pakistan.

In Pakistan from late 1940's to mid 1980's, compost almost 65 films music. Most of his films music was very popular, songs were evergreen and unforgettable. Some of his best films were Mehbooba, Shammi, Gumnam, Aghosh, Qatil, Intiqam, Masoom, Anar kali (one of musicians), Azra, Dosheeza, Ik tera sahara, Seema, Ishq par zor naheen, Lailagg, Rawaj, Naela, Jaan-e-arzoor, Dil-e-baitab, Maa Beta, Pakdaman and many more. Died in 1993.

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RAFIQ GHAZNAVI (Actor/musician)
From 1930's to 1940's, he was very busy in Indian films as hero, character actor and musician. He married with Anwari (Salma Agha is their grand daughter). Some of his films as actor and musicians were Laila majnoon (1931), Roshan ara (1932), Heer ranjha (1933), Intaqam (1933) Jawani deevani (1934), Bahen ka preaim (1935), Prem pujari, Ghulam dakoo (1935), Lail-o-nahar (1936), Mairey laal, Do aourtain, Us ney kia socha (1937), Kis liay (1938), Actressk kyun bani, Apni nagarya (1939), Bahoo raani and Chalti dunya (1940), Sawami (1941), Kis kee beevi (1942), Mazaq and Prthavi vallubh (1943), Chal chal rey noujawan (1944), Laila majnoon (1945) and Manjhdar (1947)

In Pakistan, he was not very busy; we see only two films on his credit as musician, Parvaaz (1954) and Mandi (1956). 

Baba GA Chishti, Deeno dunya (1936), Sohni Mahiwal (1937), Pap ki nagri (1939), Chambay di kali, Perdaisi, Dhola and Mubarak (1941), Khamoshi (1942), Manchali (1943), Kalian, Shukriya (1944), Albaili and Zid (1945) and Yeh hay zindagi (1947).
Pre-partition he been an Ustad of Khayyam (Indian film music director). In Pakistan, a lot of best film songs are on his credit and he wrote lyrics in some films also. Details of his work and about himself, his web page can be viewed in this magazine.

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He was one of great music directors who brought Punjabi folk based music in sub continent films in pre-partition. Very few people know that before entering in the music world he was a Dentist. Some of his films are Khanzanchi (1941), Poonji (1943), Bhai (1944), Chal chal rey noujawan and Humayun (1945), Bairam khan, Jag beeti and Shama (1946), Manjhdar and Mahdi (1947) 

In Pakistan, from late 40's to mid 50's his films were Shahida, Bheegi Palkain , Akaili, Baiqarar,Ghulam and Gulnar. Died in 1954.

Feroze Nizami another big name of film music, he was also a classic singer of sub-continent. He composed music in films Vishwas (1943), Umang, Us paar and Bari baat (1944), Sharbati aankhain and Pia Milan (1945) Amar raaj, Ali baba and Naik perveen (1946), Rangeen kahani, Pati saiva and Jugnoo (1947).

From 1949 to 1974, in Pakistan some of his films were Hamari Basti, Chan way, Dopatta, Sharary, Sohni, Intikhab, Qismat, Sola aaney, Raaz, Zanjeer, Manzil, Mangol, Soukat and Zar zar tey zameen.

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Nisar Bazmi started his career from All India Delhi radio as a composer of songs. From 1946-61 he composed music in 24 films in India. 
Migrated to Pakistan in 1962 and Fazal Ahmed Karim Fazli (Chiragh Jalta raha fame) gave him a chance in his second film Aisa bhi hota hay but his first released film in Pakistan was Head Constable (64).

He was a very nice person, great musician and composer of many hit songs in Pakistan, died in March 2007.

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There is very interesting story about his name Nashad. It is said that Nakhshab Charjavi wanted to take Noushad as musician in his film but due to some reason, Noushad Sahib refused and then Nakhshab gave a chance to a new person with name of Nashad (much similarity with Noushad). However Nashad proved him self a great musician also. In India Nashad's films as musician were Bara Dari (Geeta Bali-Ajeet), Zindagi aur toofan (Noutan-Pardeeb kumar), Raftar, Naghma and some other.

Nashad migrated to Pakistan in early 60's and his first film was Maikhana (Directed by Nakhshab in 1964 and this film's publicity program was broadcasted from Radio Cylon, first ever any Pakistan films promo). A lot of films in Pakistan are on Nashad credit, he died in 1981 and now a days his son Wajid Ali Nashad musician and Ameer Ali, singer in show biz.

He was composer of film music Dekhjee (1947) and then moved to Pakistan.

In Pakistan, some of his films were Barkha (1953), Nazrana (1954), Wehshi (1956), Mazloom, Khul ja sim sim and Boodi shah (1959), Behroopia (1960), Muftbar (1961), Choudheri and Oonchey Mahal (1962), Main ney kia jurm kia and Choorian (1963), Man moujee (1965) and Manjhey dee jatti, Soorma and many more films.

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In India he composed films Aina (1944), Director (1947). In Pakistan from 50's to early 60's his films were Do Kinarey, Harjai, Shola, Baidari, Saathi and Tum na mano etc.

Timir Baran was 30's musician and he gave Devdas (Sehgal-Jamuna 1935) music that was very popular on that time.
His other films were Pujari (1936), Adheekar (1938), Kum kum the dancer and Lakshmi (1940).

In Paksitan he was musician of Anokhi and Fankar (56) and Jago howa savaira (1959).

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Film Lyricist's 

“Awaz day kahan hay, dunya mairi jawan hay...” this evergreen and most popular song of 1940's sung by Noor Jehan and Surender for film Anmol ghari (1946) was penned by Tanveer Naqvi.
Tanveer Naqvi was a busy song writer in Indian films before partition. He always maintained a standard in film songs in India and Pakistan.
He got married with Eidan (Noor Jehan's sister). In Pakistan, he wrote popular songs for films like Qaidi, Elan, Azra and many more.

FAYYAZ HASHMI (Poet/Director)
“Tasveer Banata hoon tasveer naheen banti”, this popular ghazal sung by Talat Mahmood for film Bara Dari (Geeta Bali-Ajeet) was penned by Fayyaz Hashmi. He wrote many songs for Indian films.
In Pakistan he directed one film Ham aik hain in 1961 produced by Sultana (Baigum Razaaq) mother of Jameela Razzaq. Fayyaz Hashmi also wrote many songs for films and most of them were very popular.


Film Singer's

Iqbal Bano
Iqbal Bano, who died on April 21, 2009, was a great ghazal singer, started her career in 1945 when she participated in an All India Radio Music Conference Dehli. In films she sang a chorus with Zeenat Baigum and Qadir Faridi for film Reehana (Aey qafley maira paigham layja) writted by Tufail Houshiar puri and three songs for film Chupkey Chupkey (1948). 
After migration to Pakistan, though her recognition has been a great classic/light ghazal singer but she also rendered her voice for the following films in Pakistan from 1949 thru 1964. 
Ghalatfahmi, Meena (unreleased film, two song written by Qateel Shifai music by Talib Jafery), Mundri (6 songs), Gumnam (Too lakh chaley ree gori tham tham key), Qatil (Ulfat kee nai manzil ko chala), Ankh ka nasha, Kachian kaliyan (Punjabi), Dil main too, Hasrat, Wah rey zamany, Aakhri daoo, Tairey baghair, Boodi shah (Punjabi), Jaedad (Punjabi), Shaira, Ishq-e-laila, Sarfarosh, Nagin, Bahroopia, Gul bakaolee. Jugni, Chiragh jalta raha, Aik manzil do rahain, Ooonchey mahal and Teer andaz. Beside of these, a lot of ghazals written by renowned poets are on her credit. 


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