Robert Pattinson to Star in “The Devil All the Time” Directed by Antonio Campos as Roy | Robert Pattinson Daily News, Photo, Video & Fan Art |
Robert spoke with ESQUIRE Magazine to discuss the project:
"...The project that has him excited comes at the end of the year: The Devil All the Time, by Antonio Campos, who made Christine last year, a brilliant drama about a depressive Seventies news anchor in Florida. (For the record, Pattinson cold-called him too.) “There’s this line in it — and sometimes that’s all you need. And it’s like, ‘Ooh… that’s scary to say’. Because it’ll go down in posterity and I’ll be the one saying it. You literally cannot get darker. It’s fucking dark. This character is an evangelical preacher in the South in the Fifties, but he’s gleefully bad and kind of funny and charismatic too. I know, it’s irresistible.”
Like, sexually repulsive, violent?
“Mmm… yes, all that. But you know when actors say, ‘I refuse to play someone who does something bad.’ I’m, like, why? That’s fucking crazy. You can’t do anything bad in your real life. I think if someone needs to play a hero all the time, it’s probably because they’re doing really gross stuff in their real life.”

THE PLAYLIST discussed Antonio Campos next film based on a book titled “The Devil All the Time”. They provided the following synposis:
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