Ripping YouTube music was never an easy task. Though the collection of songs and videos is very enticing and enough to make a fan of YouTube out of any user visiting the site, the stark reality is that all that collection is not available for download. Every user gets a chance to listen to and share favorite with their beloved family and friends. This gives everyone an opportunity to share some good but off-beat music with all. People use this site because it has a variety of music available online; it provides broad diversity of range to the surfer. Music lovers can find everything from pop music to classical and composition from many artists. To rip music from YouTube one needs special software especially by experts for doing so. This has fueled the trend of ripping YouTube music even further.

To rip music from YouTube all one needs to do is to paste the YouTube URL for the video on websites like FLV, which have been developed to serve the purpose. These websites have their own dedicated servers where the requested video is first downloaded and then converted into a music file which can then be downloaded from a link provided by the website. This music file can then be transferred to desired personal computer or a portable music player. Software like RealPlayer which are used to play music videos can also be used to download them from YouTube. This enables the quintessential music lover to make up an enviable playlist and at the same time be very proud of it. It also helps budding, talented artists grow as their work is downloaded and circulated through the network of friends who download it. This has spawned numerous successful artists too. Ripping music from YouTube, especially folk songs allow the art to stay alive in a digital form, even when the artists with thorough knowledge seize to exist. Since all the content is freely available for viewing on YouTube people throng the website for the latest videos and since anyone can upload home videos, this ensures that there is always a regular supply of fresh talent available on hand.