Remotely Piloted Systems
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Remotely Piloted Systems
This is a media curation page for the PIRatE Lab's AARR Program.  We are developing practical, low cost programs to monitor resources in our coastal zone (the land near the ocean and the ocean near the land) with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs aka "drones") overhead and subtidal Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) .  Enjoy!!  
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Vulcan gets into drone-building business to fight poachers in Africa –

Vulcan gets into drone-building business to fight poachers in Africa – | Remotely Piloted Systems |
One of the legacies left behind by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen is a drone development program aimed at providing intelligence for Africa’s anti-poaching efforts.
Alissa Goldberg's insight:
I think this is a huge improvement for the safely of endangered animals. We can have surveillance without disturbing the animals while keeping them more safe than we ever could before.
This is also a repost, I accidentally posted to Environmental Science.
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Rwanda forges forward with drone mapping - sUAS News - The Business of Drones

Rwanda forges forward in drone mapping use After Rwanda made waves in the news early last year for allegedly being the first country to approve drone delivery, people paid attention. The country, with its rolling hills and one of the fastest growing economies in Central Africa, has already established regulations regarding drones and become a …
Chase Tillman's insight:
A university in Rwanda is on par or even ahead of the states relative to education of drone use. They are using Pix4d in their course on photogrammetry. Aerial mapping is very useful in Africa due to the large amount of subsistence farming and the lack of up-to-date maps. I am very optimistic about the increased use of drones in the future as well as the benefit they supply to societies in the world - whether they are under-developed or global leaders, there may always be a use.
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