Editorial: Freedom of religion for whom? | Religious Interactions | Scoop.it

Freedom of religion has different meanings for different people. For most Americans, it means the freedom to make their own decisions about faith.

1. This article is about the issue of birth control being added as part of an organizations health care and howsome religiously based organizations believe that that violates their freedom of religion.

2. Under the health reform bill, companies must include birth control as part of their employee health policy.  Religious institutions are exempt from this if they serve people only of their same religious group. If it is like a religious institution, like a catholic hospital, that serves and employs the general public, they are required to cover birth control.  The religious leaders of these institutions do not believe that should be required to offer the birth control becuase it violates their freedom of religion.

3. The author thinks that the priests and nuns in charge of these catholic institutions have a right to opposes this.

4.  The author says in reference to the Catholic leaders protests aagainst the health policy, that, "For Catholic bishops, freedom of religion apparently means something else. It means the freedom of the Catholic hierarchy to dictate decisions — for Catholics and non-Catholics alike — about child-bearing and reproductive health."

6. I learned that to the author freedom of religion means free to make your own decisions without being told what do by any type of organization.

7. This was written for people who want to hear about how the church is violating people's rights.

8. No. I think that the article is based very much on what he wants to think of the Catholic church and not as much on what they are actually trying to say in this disagreement about the policy.



2.      In this article, the author uses logos in order to portray his ideas of the Catholic leaders who are against the employee health care policy.  He shows his idea of freedom of religion which he states as, "freedom is granted to individuals, not institutions that may wish to dictate individual behavior. Giving a university, hospital or other institution the power to deny to their students or employees their right to make moral decisions as individuals is the opposite of freedom."  Through out his article he tries to show ways that the Catholic church has violated his idea of freedom of religion.  He asks at one point in the article, "whose liberty are they protecting?"  Then he says that they are not protecting, "the religious freedom of a professor at a Catholic university who happens to be Jewish, or a Protestant janitor at a hospital affiliated with a Catholic diocese. The bishops wish to deny them the freedom to make up their own minds about sex and procreation," in order to show us that the Catholic church has no basis on protesting the bill.