Religion Slam: Key Issue #1
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Christianity and Traditional Religions in Colonial Africa

Christianity and Traditional Religions in Colonial Africa | Religion Slam: Key Issue #1 |
Missionary activities in Africa provided a fertile ground for conflict between christianity and traditional African religions.

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Review Video: Universalizing & Ethnic Religions

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Sirila, Lulu, Robyn, Shaun's curator insight, December 17, 2013 7:59 AM

I scooped this video on to my page because it does a great job of explaining the distinctive characteristics between Universalizing and Ethnic Religions. We are easily able to see how they explain that Universalizing religions actively seek out followers while in Ethnic religions they do not. A  universalizing religion  attempts to appeal to a broad range of people while for an ethnic religion it only appeals  to those people who share history and blood lines in a single area. It also compares and contrasts both group with solid examples that help depict the differences between the two. This video does an excellent job with correlating with Chapter 6 Key Issue 1 focuses on Ethnic and Universalizing Religions. In the chapter it talks about multiple types of example religions that are Universalizing or Ethnic and in the video it also shows key facts and pictures including some of the same. Its a great video to watch if one if ever confused about the differences or similarities between the two.