The new trend in professional recruitment -- not so new really, it maybe dates to 2006 or 2007, before the financial crisis struck the West -- is top professional recruitment: that is, the elite profiles.  Finding the elite can be a tricky, painful, uphill job for a recruiter.   Ten years ago, there were specialized companies that handled 'executive recruitment,' usually for a fee on the order of  $50,000 or more.  We can define an elite profile as a member of the top 10% of the labor market.  You've met them already in your career (you may be one of them) : they are the ones in your company that everyone goes to to get done whatever needs to be done.  They are the last ones to be let go in a downsizing.  They never seem to look for jobs; they get better offers, then leave for greener pastures.  They are recession-proof.

Since recruitment moved from physical companies to websites, it has become harder to recruit the elite because the tend not to trust mass market job boards, full of annoying ads and whose dubious security and questionable privacy policies run counter to their predilections.  And then, they don't really need to look for jobs anyway.

Enter new types of high-end job boards like

treating 'meilleurs emplois en France' -- the best jobs in France --  specializing in elite job in the United Kingdom.  These sites appear to actively filter who can be a member (though they remain interestingly open to whomever wishes to consult the jobs, unlike other copycat sites such as Experteer which force registration in order to see jobs).  In Switzerland, which remains the toughest professional market because of its low unemployment and very high salaries,  regoups the top profiles in 'der Schweiz'.  The typical candidate Qual attracts is employed at a multinational or international organization and is simply open to considering a better opportunity elsewhere.  The security and data privacy promised by Qual is the most stringent offered on the marketplace at this time, with candidates able to control access to their information at the minutest level. 

The future of staffing will increasingla play out in high-end niche websites concentrating specialized profiles and top talents.