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How are Real Estate Agents Different From Realtors?

How are Real Estate Agents Different From Realtors? | Real Estate Articles Worth Reading |
Did you know that a Realtor and a real estate agent are not the same thing? See the definition of a Realtor and the difference between a real estate agent.
Bill Gassett's insight:

Most people have no idea that there is a significant difference between a Realtor and a real estate agent.


These terms are used interchangeably from consumers and even those in the real estate industry.


A Realtor is a member of the National Association of Realtors. A real estate agent is not. The most significant difference is Realtors agree to follow a strict code of ethics.


There business practices are held to a much higher standard. See everything you need to know about all the differences at Active Rain. You will be surprised by some of the information.

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What Does a Buyer's Agent Do For Me

What Does a Buyer's Agent Do For Me | Real Estate Articles Worth Reading |
There are nine things a real estate agent should do for home buyers when purchasing a home. See the benefits of having a great buyer's agent in your corner.
Bill Gassett's insight:

One of the things that a lot of buyers wonder is what a buyer's agent will do for them exactly? They often ask this question for a few reasons. The first reason is to find out what the benefits are of having a buyer's agent.


Often the second reason for asking is whether there is any monetary gains for doing so.


What a buyer's agent does for a client should never be understated. In the article, you will see nine reasons for having a buyer's agent. Keep in mind there is a big difference between hiring anyone vs hiring the best buyer's agent you can find. In fact, the difference can be night and day.


Some buyers don't see a real estate agent as anything more than someone who carts them around to show them homes. Unfortunately this thinking can be valid in some cases when you get stuck with a lousy agent.


A real pro, however, does so much more than cart you around showing houses. There are nine things that every exceptional agent should do from the moment they meet you to the day you get the keys to your new home.


By having a look at the article, you will see what is so important in a real estate transaction that makes having a pro vital.


For example your real estate agent is the key to informing you about things locally you might not otherwise know about. The best real estate agents are fantastic negotiators and are at your side during a home inspection.


They are not playing on their phones but listening and observing everything the inspector says. In fact, they may have even recommended the inspector because they know the inspector will do a thorough job!


Take a look at all of the other benefits of having a buyer's agent you can be proud of.


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9 benefits of hiring a buyer's agent to assist in the purchase of your home!

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How To Avoid First Time Buyer’s Remorse

How To Avoid First Time Buyer’s Remorse | Real Estate Articles Worth Reading |
Top Real Estate Professionals Reveal How To Avoid First-Time Home Buyer’s Remorse
Bill Gassett's insight:

Buying a home for the first time is certainly a big step in ones life. It comes with both excitement and high levels of stress. Considering it is one of the largest purchases you will ever make it only makes sense to put quite a bit of thought into it.


Over the years working as a real estate agent, I have run into quite a few situations where first time buyers have gone out and found what they think is the home of their dreams.


Within a short time however their dream home is no longer up to snuff. It could be any number of reasons why but the bottom line is there wasn't enough thought put into the buying decision.


What this does is create a large case of first time buyers remorse. This can be frustrating for everyone involved as the transaction will need to be hastily cancelled. The seller, buyer and real estate agent all need to go back to the drawing board.


So how does a buyer avoid being remorseful with their purchase? In a net shell the buyer needs to take a step back and not make a rushed decision just because they think they have found "the one".


In his latest article Xavier De- Buck has gone out and interviewed some of the top real estate agents, mortgage brokers and other industry professionals to get their expertise on how to avoid home buyers remorse.


Take a look and you will see some great guidance from seasoned professionals who have been around the block for a while.


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Why Do Sellers Fire Their Real Estate Agent

Why Do Sellers Fire Their Real Estate Agent | Real Estate Articles Worth Reading |
Do you know the top reasons sellers fire a real estate agent? If you're considering firing your agent, these are all valid reason for possibly doing so.
Bill Gassett's insight:

Like any other business you should be striving to hire the best person to represent your interests. If you are selling a home it becomes vital to choose an agent who will do what it takes to get the job done.


Unfortunately, lots of people make very poor choices when picking a real estate agent. It is actually not all that hard to do. Quality real estate agents are in fact out numbered by less skilled agents.


Why is this you might be thinking? The answer is simple. The barriers to getting into the real estate industry are far too low. This creates an environment where people who don't belong in the business are holding a license.


What this creates is a lot of disappointment, especially among those who have hired an agent to sell their home.


In my latest article at Maximum Real Estate Exposure, I cover the reasons why sellers will fire their real estate agent. Quite often a sellers disappointment starts as a minor problem and then blossoms into something bigger as the mistakes pile up.


Sellers always want their agent to communicate well and for whatever reason lots of agents lack this skill. The number one reason an agent gets fired will in fact be a lack of communication.


Most people understand that pricing a home correctly also is the #1 reason why a home will not sell.


If more agents paid attention to pricing their clients homes correctly there would be far less anguish.


Take a look and see all the rest of the reasons why a seller will want to fire their real estate agent. If you are new to the business this will be a great read.


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Selling a Home With The Best Real Estate Marketing Tips

Selling a Home With The Best Real Estate Marketing Tips | Real Estate Articles Worth Reading |
What are the best real estate marketing tips for selling a home? See exceptional advice for picking a top Realtor who will market your home to the hilt.
Bill Gassett's insight:

Over the years while working as a real estate agent I have seen numerous sellers make the same mistakes over and over again that prevent them from selling their home.


There are two that I would consider being the most common culprits and also the most likely to derail any home sale. They are overpricing a home and choosing the wrong Realtor.


Doing these two things will more than likely cause failure in the process. You would think more homeowners would learn there lesson.


Some just don't understand that each real estate agent does different things to market their properties. No two agents are alike. The first step in having a successful home sale is to have one of these top producing agents in your corner.


The top local real estate agents are bound to have the best real estate marketing plans to get your home sold. Producers and exceptional marketing almost always go hand in hand. In the article you are going to see what it takes to get your home sold in a timely fashion for top dollar.


It is a fact that homes that are priced properly and have fantastic marketing go quicker and for more money than those that don't!


Some of the most important factors for selling a home beside the right agent and price are outstanding photography, descriptions worth reading, a video tour and a social media marketing plan.


The best agents understand we are in the digital age and this is the way to go. They spend time on doing these things well and not caving to outdated strategies like having an open house every Sunday until the home sells. Frankly that is stupid.


If you want to be in the dark ages with your home sale then by all means hire an agent who thinks this way. I know you won't get top dollar for your home.


Do yourself a favor and take a look at the best real estate marketing tips to sell your home. You will be glad you did.


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Should I Hire A Part Time Realtor

Should I Hire A Part Time Realtor | Real Estate Articles Worth Reading |
Most real estate markets have hundreds, even thousands of real estate agents. So, should you hire a part time real estate agent? Find out PROs & CONs here!
Bill Gassett's insight:

When you are selling a home one of the most important aspects of having a fantastic experience is hiring the right real estate agent. An agents track record of success is a critical factor is choosing a Realtor yet many people come up with their own criteria such as personality or what the agents says the house is worth.


This is where home owners get themselves into a lot of trouble. It is funny because lots of people spend more time picking out a barber or a hair stylist than they do a real estate agent. You would think when you are talking about someones largest asset this would not be the case. Unfortunately with a lot of people it is!


Having been in the real estate industry for almost 30 years, one of the other big mistakes I see quite frequently is choosing a part time real estate agent. Folks this is almost always a huge mistake. Being a full time agent for the past twenty nine years I can tell you how important communication is on a daily basis for a transaction to go smoothly.


Being able to reach the agent you are working with in a timely fashion is not only important but essential. There are so many things that come up in a home sale. Not being able to reach the other agent at important junctures could really put the sale in jeopardy. I have seen it so many times over the years in my own transactions trying to deal with an agent who just has decided to go missing.


Real Estate is a demanding job as it is when you are full time. Trying to add a second job to the mix is only going to increase the odds that things go wrong.


In his latest article @Kyle Hiscock takes an in-depth look at the topic. Kyle shares some great advice on what to consider when choosing an agent to work with.


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