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Tax Advice For Divorcing Couples

Tax Advice For Divorcing Couples | Real Estate Articles Worth Reading |
The best tax tips for divorcing homeowners. Are you getting divorced? Do you own a home? See important tax considerations when getting a divorce.
Bill Gassett's insight:

Are you going to be getting a divorce? Do you own a home that was acquired during the marriage? If you are shaking your head yes you should have an understanding some of the tax tips for home ownership and divorce. There are a number of scenarios that can take place including one of the parties keeping the home or liquidating it as a marital asset.

What you should be completely aware of is how these two circumstances impact you from a tax standpoint. Divorce can have a dramatic impact on your finances. While most people think from a short term perspective, it is what happens down the road that can really have some major consequences.

There are a number of different tax laws that are discussed in the article. You should take a look at each and everyone of the referenced links in the article.

Each one is packed with helpful information that can keep your divorce heading in the right direction from a financial standpoint.

Divorce and selling a home is not something you should take lightly.

With the advice in the article you will have important considerations that probably were not given much thought. Don't put yourself in a position where you will make financial mistakes you regret in the future.

If you find these tax tips when going through a divorce helpful please consider sharing them via or through other social channels.

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Selling A Home While Going Through A Divorce

Selling A Home While Going Through A Divorce | Real Estate Articles Worth Reading |

Divorce and Selling Real Estate by Bill Gassett.

Bill Gassett's insight:

Going through a divorce is a traumatic life event. Selling a home is usually no picnic either when people think of stressful events in their lives. Getting a divorce and selling real estate at the same time is like throwing gas onto a fire in many circumstances. When these two events are combined the stress level can go through the roof. Take a look and see what you should be considering when selling your home while going through a divorce, including financial, legal and emotional decisions.

There are many people who make mistakes when going through a divorce and selling real estate. Often times their are regrets a few years later due to the fact that things were not thought through thoroughly.

Bill Gassett's comment, September 2, 2014 2:23 PM
Thanks very much for sharing Dave!
Tammy Emineth's curator insight, October 14, 2015 10:27 AM

 This article is definitely something that people would want to know about if they are going through it. It's something they should research, know their rights, understand what they can do during a home sale and their options. I think people jump to hastily into real estate transactions when there could be a lot of other options that might benefit  both parties.

Bill Gassett's comment, October 14, 2015 10:41 AM
Thanks for the scoop @Tammy Emineth!