Cata Joining in Second Life - a great place to practice English
There is one of my first presentations without any preparation. You can see very basic information about how to use Second Life, to teleport, to use voice, so on. I will be happy to here from you about any correction or comments. Thank you very much for any question about it.
Reading Practice with Cata on WizIQ
Do you really enjoy reading aloud? Great! Then you can follow me by this website where we can read aload Monday to Saturday from 11 to 12 a.m. EET (east european time). Thank you for coming! Cata
Cypris Chat >> English Learning Community in Second Life
Learn English, teach English, and practice English 24/7 for FREE using voice in Second Life. There is my first place in Real Life and Second Life where I started to study English. After just 3 weeks of practicing there I was able to speak, to read and even to write a little English. I believe vir...