Several killed in clashes with Kabul cops over Koran burning ... | Quran Burnings |

Up to five persons have been killed and dozens wounded by gunshots fired on anti-American demonstrations in Afghanistan, report Al Arabiya. The American embassy in Kabul is blocked by protesters.

1.  The Koran Burnings by Americans in Kabul.

2.  That coppies of the Koran were burned by Americans wich caused a huge riate wich has killed many people.

3.  That this is a huge tragity that could have been avoided.

4.  No the writer was being factual but he does show his concern for the people and advises Americans on how not to be unwilingly targeted.

6.  That he is concerned for the people and is factual.

7.  To the American public and to the world.

8.  It is hard to deside who is at falt because there isn't a lot of information on the acctual burnings so it's hard to draw a conclusion.

B2.  This author is very factuall and does not state many oppinions in his story but he gets the point acroos that it is a terrible thing and could be prevented. The "Seven people killed and dozens wounded by gunshots" did not have to happen if the burnings had not happened.