Indian army candidates made to take exam in underwear
After spate of cheating scandals in Bihar, army reportedly takes radical step to ‘avoid frisking so many people’
Massive sculpture relocated because people busy texting kept walking into it
The statue by Sophie Ryder had to be moved because people on their phones were
bumping into it
Amazing Footage of a Sniper Killing ISIS Fighters Turns Out to Be a Video Game
Iranian state TV recently aired some amazing video of a sniper killing six ISIS fighters in under two minutes. He’s an impressive marksman. It’s just too bad that the video is fake. This “Hezbollah sniper” is actually just playing the video game Medal of Honor.
Ugly herbivores covered with bony knobs roamed the earth before dinosaurs
Their remains have been described as the 'ugliest fossil reptiles' ever with faces and bodies covered in bony knobs so it's not hard to see why they weren't easy on the eye.
Fast-growing tumbleweed called hairy panic blows into Australian city
Dry grass piles up around homes in Wangaratta, north-east Victoria – at times reportedly reaching roof height
200 year old condom made from animal intestines sells for an astonishing sum
The unusual sheath might not put most of us in the mind of intercourse, but it was a standard for the wealthy back in the day
Here's one of our earliest ancestors - a worm named after a doughnut.
It is usually bright pink and similar to a flatworm - but it's the animal's amazing evolution that has baffled scientists
Woman is only person on a commercial flight after all other passengers fail to turn up.
The flight had been delayed for 10 hours, and impatient passengers had already taken earlier flights, turning the plane into a charter flight for the lone, fortunate passenger
Nespresso to sue rival Israeli coffee company over George Clooney clone
A lookalike of the star appeared in an advert for the Espresso Club coffee company
Chinese restaurants shut down for seasoning food with opium
35 restaurants across China have been found illegally using opium as seasoning in their food, state officials say. Five restaurants are being prosecuted over the findings, whilst 30 more are under investigation, according to the China Food and Drug Administration.