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Last night i was watching animation movie Kirikou and the Sorceress by Michael Ocelot. Wonderful story about boy Kirikou who was born in the village and with his pure nature character , courage and will he start to solve problems that Sorceress Karaba made. True every challanges who waited for him, the most importand thing that i would alloceted is Kirikou simple approach to solving problems and and naivety towards trouble. The writer of this scenario has a nice, simple feature retelling the flow of events in which he emphasized the natur of pure, naive beings liberated prejudice, ejected in the world, an area with which to communicate without resistance, without the assumption that something is impossible. One of the nicest features is the empathy and the need to understand „Why is someone mean?“ Someone evil ... Only current term performance. Here, there is space in which is permitted to prove that it is a word that bitterness and evil do not exist. There is only fear. Fear produces monsters. This story has questions of life through which every man passes. What I should set aside, although most of the dialogue / monologue are inspirational, Kirikou's arrival at his grandfather, hiding behind the mother's legs, digging underground channels, and his encounter with a skunk, squirrel -the one that works and can protect their young, his disguise like a bird and his encounter with wild boar, the mountain open, solemn announcement of Toucan and talk with grandfather.There is a sentence in which the Kirikou asks his grandfather to sit on his lap and then Kirikou says: "You know, sometimes I get tired of the fact that I fight alone, without anyone's help, I feel very small and frightened, of course. "
Although the animation is more of a kind of old, the experimental phase, the basic element is the story and the lessons from the story, so I'm not allowed to overpower the visual perception. Anyone who wants to be reminded what it looks like it to be without fear, without prejudice and to have the will, you will definitely find inspiration in Kirikou and Sorceress .