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Pulse oximeter is a device that is commonly used to measure the level of oxygen in blood and the pulse rate of the heart accurately. The device can be otherwise called as a life saving device as it is most commonly used to measure the life saving parameters.


In this method, it is not necessary to take blood samples. Oximeter is an invasive method and the probe of the device needs to be fixed to the finger or to any other area where the blood flow is higher. It can accurately give the pulse rate of the heart and the oxygen saturation in blood. There are different types of oximeters and you can find the different models here.


Fingertip Pulse Oximeter


Fingertip pulse oximeter is one the basic type of oximeter that is commonly used in hospitals and home. It has a probe with a clip at the end that needs to be attached to the finger. The percentage of oxygen in blood can be seen in the display of the device. One of the top features of this device is its light weight and compact size that makes it easy for travelers. These devices are also used in clinics to monitor the patient temporarily. It comes with audio and vibrate mode that makes it easy to monitor the patient constantly. In case if the level of oxygen falls beyond the normal level then it gives an alarm and alerts the health care provider.


Wrist Pulse Oximeter


It is one of the best pulse oximeter and the device looks almost like a watch and it can be worn to the wrist of the patient. Pulse rate of the heart and the oxygen saturation level in blood are shown in the display of the device. These oximeters are compact in nature, but on the other side they are little expensive than the finger tip pulse oximeter. Wrist pulse oximeter is most commonly used by sports person, athletes and patients suffering from obstructive sleep apnea problem.


Handheld Pulse Oximeter


It is a pulse oximeter that can be used by holding the device in hand. It comes with display and a probe to clip on the finger of the patients. It is more expensive than the above 2 pulse oximeters. It is used in hospitals and emergency rooms where the patient needs to be monitored constantly.


Pediatric pulse Oximeter


Pediatric oximeters are widely used to measure the oxygen level of infants and kids. It is available either as a handheld or table top model and the device can be used in patients from 2.5 years to 8 years.


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