The new era of brick and mortar: not business as usual | Public Relations & Social Marketing Insight |

Retail marketers have long focused on perfecting their omnichannel strategies; however, the rules of consumer engagement have changed. Many major anchor stores are either closing or redesigning their approaches, and the overall mall landscape is changing to meet the needs of a new audience.

And while shoppers can be reached on a variety of platforms, they remain individuals and prefer a unified experience that engages them in unique ways. Business is not as usual. And, as this year’s holiday shopping season approaches, there are important lessons to learn.

Unique experiences build on brick and mortar’s strength
Even though online sales continue to grow, a recent Deloitte study confirms that consumers still prefer in-store shopping, choosing to make more than 90 percent of all transactions in store.

The fact remains — brick-and-mortar retailers offer shoppers something they want that online retailers just can’t provide: a hands-on experience with products and the ability to take them home immediately. That’s why today’s retail landscape is fertile for brick-and-mortar retailers to nurture shoppers, seeding growth with unique shopping experiences....